Oct 28, 2007

He's all grown up...


The baby of his family, now a daddy to 2 mini-Gavs. I honestly do not know any children who love their "DaDA!" more than ours love Gav. I could not ask for a better father or husband or best friend! I thought as a tribute I would list some of my favorites about him...(especially since he declined his chance at the tag): My Favorite Gav Quirk: Pacing the floor when he talks on the phone
My favorite Gav physical feature: his EYES
My favorite Gav nickname: G-LOVE
My favorite Gav saying: "...but the surf's actually happening and I haven't surfed in a whole month!"
My favorite Gav personality features: his lovability and his charm
My favorite Gav meals: WAFFLES...and frozen lasagnas when he breaks the oven ('member that!!!)
My favorite Gav moment: Within the first few years of our marriage, Gav's birthday came up and he LOVEs to uncover my surprises. So with his mom's help, I had arranged a nice weekend get-away. But was able to let Gav trick himself into thinking it was a surprise party for him... So our trip home from La Jolla that night...the whole way he sang "PARTaY, Surprise PARTay..FOR ME!!!" And was so pleased with himself for discovering the surprise....jokes on you SUCKA!!
My favorite Daddy Gav moment: When Gav takes the boys into the culd-e-sac and plays baseball with Christian...with Shane either hot on his heels or already on his hip!
My favorite husband Gav moments: grabbing my hand for no good reason and intertwining with mine.... and our trips to Puerto Rico and Palm Springs.

I thank my Father in Heaven DAILY for sending you to me and cannot express how overwhelmed I am by your love. I know I am going to spend eternity trying to be your equal!!! Love-Shawn

Oct 25, 2007

I'm a MARKED woman...

Lil' Debbie Cakes has tagged me... how FUN!!! Here it goes:

The rules:

A. The rules of the game are posted at the beginning.

B. Each player lists 6 facts/habits about themselves.

C. At the end of the post, the player then tags 6 people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves them a comment, letting them know that they have been tagged and asking them to read your blog.

1.Habit: One of my favorite habits ( are habits okay to be favorites?)... happens every night as I kiss my little guy Christian goodnight and as I leave his room I tell him I love him forever and he says it back. Ok, so he's six...I'll take what I can get while I can!

2.FACT: One of my aspirations in life is to one day go to cosmetology school and do hair...its something I have always loved to do. In fact, during our Packard Posse sleepovers growing up...one of our routine activities was to cut hair and play makeovers. (Second to sleeping on the trampoline)

3. FACT: I often JINX myself... I always swore I would NEVER marry anyone in the military; and technically I didn't but he became part of the NAVY post-Shawna. And...I used to tell Gav that one of my dreams was to be in NYC during the holidays in Rockefeller Ice Rink and Central Park carriage ride--hence we ended up at Med School in NY. Not our first choice, but a great experience nonetheless.

4.FACT: So my first time wake boarding (which was this last summer...the same time my 6yo had his first time)...was quite comical. First time out in the water, in ready-stance, the driver hit it, face plant....second time, same deal- and despite watching Wally's what-not-to-do video the night before....I took off in the water and after the first face plant, I was afraid to exert myself and pull all the way up....so I squat-style boarded for a good portion of the lake. Everyone in the boat was in tears laughing at my determination not to face plant but mostly my stubbornness to NOT stand up. Maybe you'd need to see the video clip to laugh hard...definitely AFV material.
**Note...I actually stood up the next time and saw that was a much more pleasant experience...you can imagine the wedgie I had from my squat around the lake!!!

5. HABIT: I am a night owl...I have tried going to sleep earlier and I just lay frustrated in my bed, tossing and turning...so I have succumbed to it. Realizing that staying up late will always make me NOT a morning person. I don't enjoy more than a few word conversations in the morning...at least not until I am fully awake. Which is sometimes funny because Gav is such a morning person- in all his chipper,talky-talky glory-- and even though its kind cute, I sometimes wanna punch him. Don't mess in the morning!!

6. HABIT: Does your husband ever pretend to fall asleep? How about when you ask for a back scratch? Does he convienently drift off from his hard days work?? Ya, mine does too!! On occassion...ok, fine its really NIGHTLY, I like to have my back scratched(not to be confused with rubbed). It helps soothe and slow down my body from a day of crazy boys. Sometimes he obliges and other times he gets side-tracked by his sleep. Its a simple pleasure--if thats all I ask! Com'on!!!

PHEW--now that I am done...I wanna hear what the following people have to say (um... YOU'RE TAGGED)... JEN Isom; AMBER Bright; MELISSA Larsen; APRIL Krolak; LACEY Williams; and whoever else?!!

A cookie...as big as Tejas...

Oh BABY!! Take a look at the size of this thing. As you can see by Shane's reaction, he was in cookie heaven.

And I was in Hot Cocoa heaven. It was Finally cool enough to drink it and enjoy it...every last dollop of cream.

Not that you all wanted a listing of all we've eaten today...but I just had to share a few delights on the list.

Oct 23, 2007


Like most normal people, I am pretty fiercely afraid of spiders. And I also know that there are spiders everywhere, even when we don't know it. During our short life here in Texas, we have seen some
S-P-I-D-E-R-S...they come large and in-charge, Texas-style.

Today while Gav was out mowing our monstrous backyard, he was going to get the small patch behind our utility shelter and found the long-legged black one...I don't know what species that is but I am convinced that thing is (or should I say...WAS) poisonous. We have no humane treatments for spiders or bugs here in our house. I apologize to those that might offend!

The other more furry brown spider I luckily found already deceased and partly shrivelled...but in my garage. There is something to be said about cleaning out your garage on a routine basis.

I know I shouldn't post these pics for my sister Denise's sake. We have a common memory of a particular night when we were 5-6 years old. Where she awoke screaming Blood curdling screams...all to find a spider in her bed that had just had a tasty snack on her back. She has since been terrified...and I also...although I have to say I can still function when I know spiders are inevitable. She, on the other hand, is quite traumatized by the incident. So, De, I'm sorry...these were just too cool to pass up!!

Makes you wonder what's in your backyard, huh?!!!

Oct 21, 2007

McEwan Men Tradition...

One of the cutest things Gavin has brought to our marriage and family is his family's tradition of making these DELICIOUS homemade waffles. There is little more adorable than seeing men in the kitchen whipping eggs. But the one thing that tops that is...seeing Gav teaching our boys the family tradition.

Here they are this morning...Christian with the eggs and Shane with the rest of the batter...and happy as can be. "Dad is great, gives us chocolate cake!"-classic Bill Cosby line.

I love when we have a slower Sunday afternoon...with no other expectations or obligations. It gives me ample opportunity to blog all I want (hence the multiple posts in one day!)

Oct 20, 2007

Corpus Christi's Seaworld...

Grandma Staley came into town...so we decided to try out one of the very few attractions here in Corpus...the Aquarium. I have to say that compared to the Gulfarium in Fort Walton, FL (near P'Cola) this place was a dream. Its a lot newer and nicer. That being said it is also not Seaworld. But the boys really enjoyed themselves. (Thank goodness we didn't pay full price, though!!!)

And our other adventure, while my mom was here, was her hair. For her birthday present, I colored (pretty drastically---blonde to brown) and had her hair cut! She seemed pretty excited about it.For someone who has struggled with her hair for a long time, it was a nice change! So, HAPPY Birthday MOM!!

Oct 15, 2007

I'm not getting out of the tub-tub!

Shane was taking a bath and although the water was long gone...he did NOT want to get out. So, instead decided to pose for his first glamour portrait--from his better side!! Don't you just wanna pinch that little bubble bum.
Sometimes his love for the wa-wa (water) is just too much. He loves to run the water in the bath all day long, whether he's in or out. He sees water and screams and runs toward it. He gets to the beach and wants his "bo-bo" (board) and runs straight in the water. Mind you, he is only 22 months and is not yet a full swimmer. But, it doesn't seem to hinder him. He can withstand the waves like the best of them. And in his silly way, also laughs when he gets pulled under the water...and gets right back up and goes in further. As a mom and a lover of the beach/water sports, I am glad he shares our love. But, as a mom, I am also fearful of his lack of fear! He's just a nut!! Thank goodness he's kinda cute, huh?!!

Oct 13, 2007

FALL has arrived...

Life here in South Texas is getting better each day...with cooler temps and more pleasant climates. We wanted to go to the beach today...but with both boys getting over bronchitis and ear infections...we will have to wait a few more days. Christian has been a constant bug begging to go surfing...which Gav eats up...if only more time and better waves.

So instead, we vegged, enjoyed just all being home and are LOVING our backyard of fun!! Our backyard has got to be one of the largest in Corpus Christi. I had a guy out to mow the lawn while Gav was away...and he about wet himself when he saw the backyard. And mentioned how he mows for some wealthy guy on the prestigous "Ocean Drive" ( the La Jolla of Corpus) and that his mansion could fit in our backyard. Super for resale...not so good when it needs a mowing. But it all pays off when you hear the boys yell "this is so much fun!" and we're in our own backyard.

oH- And we had Saturday soccer, of course!! Christian was sucking air pretty badly- from being sick! But still managed to score twice and block a few goals. This team gave us a bit more run for our money. I love this age of skills. Their little quirks are so cute....like the mile long wind-up for a kick-in!

Oct 10, 2007

While Gav was gone....

The past 10+ days seemed like an eternity...I felt like I was living life in slow motion. Well, kind of! We were super busy but just couldn't make that clock go any quicker! But its over and we are so glad to have our daddy home, safe and mostly sound.

Gav was able to jump on an earlier plane yesterday and got home around dinner time. We were SO giddy with anticipation for his reaction to what we did while he was away:

CUT the boys' hair

cut MY hair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PAinted my FRONT door BLACK!!!!

So, obviously the biggest change was my hair. I have had the same long hair my whole life. In fact, I don't know that I have ever had my hair this short. But I LOVE it. And now the verdict is in.... GAV LOVES it!! Its not too short and its super sassy...and its a change!! He said its like being with another woman...but better!! (and less trouble). My friend hairdresser was so great...she really listened to all my concerns and desires. And ultimately fulfilled my hopes above and beyond. So to all ya'll out there that want a change but can't go on a shopping spree or get surgery or even lose the weight you want....this was my perfect fix!!! You should try it!!!

Oct 4, 2007

Las Cruces

Las Cruces, New Mexico. Ever heard of it? Me neither, until they flew me out here last Sunday. I didn't bring my camera so I stole these pics off the internet. Lots of desert, shrubs, mexican food and a few mountains. I'm here for 'work.'

Daily routine: wake up at 7:30, eat breakfast, 2 hour sick call for the pilots at the hotel, go to the gym, eat lunch, 2 hours of walking rounds/sick call at the airport, go for a run around the lake, eat dinner, then read/watch tv/surf the internet until I force myself to fall asleep whenever.

Shawna's routine while I'm gone: wake up at 5-6am to a screaming 21 month old 'angel', wake up Christian for school, get herself and the kids ready/fed/dressed to be out the door for school at 7:30 (that's when I am waking up). Come back home to clean the house/pool, take care of the cling-on (Shane), run errands, etc. Pick up Christian from school at 3:00pm, help him get his homework done and get ready for soccer practice, church activities or whatever activity they have to be to in the afternoon, then get back home to make dinner, get the kids fed/bathed/ready for bed, and finally alone without kids at 8:30-9pm. She might have enough energy to run on the treadmill, but most likely will fall on the bed exhausted from her full time job.

When I am home I am able to help out often in the mornings or when I get home from work, but when I am away on a 'work' trip, I am definitely not the one doing the work ! Good luck babe, hang in there, I'll be home in 5 days.

Oct 1, 2007

Here she is !

I figured out how to post pictures on this thing. A picture is worth at least a thousand words. Here is my hottie ! Miss you babe, I'll be home soon! -Gav