May 23, 2011

Disney with Daddy

Shane's face tells the was a long wait for Toy Story...but so fun!!

We actually did not coordinate colors on purpose =)

A turkey leg...of course! My big boy!!

There were several/many months that all/most of Gavin's time not in the office were spent behind a book studying. But in February, he took a day and spent it with us at Disneyland. We truly treasure those special days...making memories with our little men. I like that we have a 3-day hopper pass to use this year. It is making Disney special...instead of it being a "normal" thing that we do all the time with a season pass. I think that sometimes the magic is lost in visiting too frequently. This way...I can vividly remember our special days.

President's Day trip to Big Bear

We took a couple days in February and headed to Big Bear to play in the snow. I am always amazed how close (2.5-3 hours) the snow is to us here in San Diego. We really do live in paradise...

May 20, 2011

Spring Break~ The Wimmers visit~~

I wish I had taken more pictures...but these are the few I took during Spring Break... we did the beach, the park, Disneyland,baseball. It was so fun to see our long-lost friends, the Wimmers (haha...they've only been gone since December but it feels like a long time!). The boys had their crazy adventures and had fun with their friends.

General Conference Weekend...April 2011

The semi-annual conference from the comforts of our home...with treats and bingo cards. Then we go to Gav's parents place for food and watch the 2nd session...and this year we walked off our food with a stroll along the beach. It was a beautiful day!!

May 18, 2011

Are you sensing a common theme?

Yes our current weekly events very much revolve around baseball. With 2 boys now playing...we have a busy week of practices and multiple games. But, I wouldn't change a thing. I love baseball. I love my boys. And I love that they are so into baseball/sports and are having so much fun. We have been SO, so blessed this year with the greatest baseball coaches. Christian's team has already clinched the Minors division season title (1st place) and Christian even won the gamer award for the whole minor's division as well. Shane was nominated from his team...and that was pretty cool. Then the boys had games at the same time one Saturday...and both boys got the game ball that same day!

May 9, 2011

Shaner T-Ball Spring 2011......Go Orioles !!

Shane loves to hit the ball and has been heard saying out in the field "its on like Donkey Kong"....... Doesn't get much cuter than this!!