Jan 24, 2010

Just for laughs...

I always wish I would write down the funny things my kids say...usually I don't. So...maybe I'll start to jot down a few here on the blog....just for a little giggle.

Christian: "Hey mom...did you know we breathe tree's throwup?"
Me: "What did you say?"
Christian:...repeats what he said and explains further," ya...we breathe in oxygen which is what trees throw up after they're done."
Me: "Sweet"
(now that's science I understand!!)

Jan 22, 2010

Bargain Prep for the Sun

Despite it being cold, rainy and stormy here in San Diego....I know the warm spring/summer months are right around the corner. And thanks to my local 99 cent store...I am ready. Can you believe these were each only 99 cents?!! Awesome! I love good deals!!

(ps...a few of these are for other people...I'm not sure if I could really use all that!)

Jan 18, 2010

Reward: Disney with cousins

I've been meaning to take the kids to Disney for the last little bit. With the end of my pregnancy and then a newborn and recovery...3 months later...we made it. I was using it as incentive for Shane to stop having wet pull-ups at night. He needed 4 nights of dry pullups...and it worked. He can do it...he chooses not to permanently...but we are working toward it slowly but surely. And Joel LOVED all the lights and sounds...he did really well. It was a lot of work to take 3 kids by myself to Disney...but it was worth it for them! We found out that Shane was tall enough to ride all the rides in Disneyland except Indiana Jones. Despite him saying he would not like it, I forced him to go on Splash Mountain....and he LOVED IT!! of course!! Then the flood gates opened and he rode Thunder mtn.,matterhorn, soarin'....and wanted to go on Space mtn...but the wait was too long for 8pm at night. So, he will get to try that one for the first time with Daddy when he gets to come with us in February=)

First new year's resolution...PRESCHOOL!!!!!

In the first full week of the new year I was able to knock out some of my priority new year's resolutions...not the least of these was getting Shane into PRESCHOOL. We showed up to the preschool the first morning preschool was back into session...and we were able to jump into the only vacant spot in the 4 year old class....which was not the inital plan. Of course, he wanted to be in the same class as his buddies Jack, Sam and Luke...but there was just no room in the 3 year old class. But we are already finding that its okay not to be in the same class...in fact, there are some advantages. He is stretching and making new friends...and he is thriving in a class where all the kids are several months older than him. He loves the curriculum and the christian-based themes...and he really likes his teacher. In fact, funny story from his teacher on Friday...when I picked him up. Apparently Shane was playing with babies one of their stations and he came up to his teacher and told her the baby was hungry. So the teacher, which I might add is very practical, told him she could help with that. She went to get a bottle to feed the doll. Shane, very confused at this point, sees that she is clearly not doing it right...walked up to her and said," NO, that's not how you do it!" ...then proceeds to push the bottle away and put the doll up to his teacher, showing her how to nurse the baby=))!!!! As Ms. Wilder is telling me this, I look at her waiting for her reaction...was she offended, astonished....oh no! She was cracking up and saying its great he sees that and knows that's how it should be done. PHEW!!! I always knew he was watching...apparently he has now mastered the skill! It certainly was a good introduction for his teacher on the true nature of the SHANER man. He is one unique kiddo!!

Happy New Year...

Only 2 weeks late!! We had a great start to the new year...celebrating at Trish and Jeremy's place until the wee hours of the morning...then a LONG, sleepy drive home. Believe it or not, all of our kiddos were still awake at midnight when it turned to the new decade. Even little man made it. Then we spent the next day recooping from the fun. We had such a great holiday season...but we were glad that things have resumed their normal pace and we are looking forward to a fabulous new year full of exciting adventures. my sweet smily boy
my dangerous one

its midnight!! Happy 2010!!

Jan 8, 2010

My name is Shane...it rhymes with...

THe SHANer MAN turned 4!!! here's how we celebrated his birthday/new years eve...
This little man has been an eye opening experience for me and Gavin. We love his little personality so much...and love how he makes us appreciate the distinct differences in each of our little men. Shane had quite the year of a three year old...he gave us a run for our money more often than not. BUT the good news is...it seems he is starting to turn a corner. His momentous markers include him giving up his finger sucking and pit-loving. In the last few weeks we have been working on having dry pull-ups at night....I am surprised what Shane can do with a little incentive and when he decides he WANTS to do it. He made a new years resolution to "peetect" his baby brother instead of using him as an experiment for naughtiness. Shane is healthy as a horse...he rarely gets sick. Shane emulates his older brother and daddy...he wants to copy them and be with them..sometimes to their detriment. He can't wait to "be 20 and go on a mission and come home and get married in the pretty white temple mommy and daddy got married in"...and on most days I think of that country song "Don't blink"...my little boys are going to be men soon enough and I will wish them back to 4=)We love our squishy!

No rest for the weary...

The day after Christmas... we spent the morning watching some of our new movies while I packed for a quick trip to Utah. Somehow I have managed to avoid going there for over 4 years. But I succombed...for a good cause. My little bro was being sealed in the Salt Lake Temple. It was a very neat experience to watch him and his wife and baby Olivia make that step. It was touching to see their little angel girl brought into the sealing room in her white...I cried. And it was also very neat that for the first time ever, all of my siblings were able to be in the temple together. The night I arrived, I was up all night sick as can be. So my 2 day trip was plagued a bit by my lack of energy. But I am still glad I was able to be there. A true glimpse at heaven...the only thing that would have made it better was to have my whole family there. Once again, Gav's darn work got in the way of it being a whole family event.

Holidays= good food+good times+mass chaos

After spending Christmas morning out in the front yard trying the boys' new rides (a RipStik and PlasmaCar) we got out of our jammies and made some good food. Then headed to Mark and Tracy's for more gifts and one of the best Christmas dinners ever. We had ham and turkey...both were delish!! I know I ate too much...but it was too good to pass up.

We gave Gav's parents their gift from all of us...the grandkids pics. And with one look on each of their faces...and the hard work and planning TOTALLY paid off. Papa cried, of course. He is a very tender heart. It couldn't have played out any more perfectly.

And Gav's parents gift to us was pretty awesome too....a week long RCI vacation anywhere we want to go ( and we confirmed that babysitting of the bunchkins is included). We haven't decided where for sure...but maybe that trip to Hawaii that we never got to go on=) It was such a surprise...a very generous one!

Dear Santa...

It was a very merry Christmas here in San Diego. The weather was lovely and we didn't have to travel to be with our family for Christmas. We've spent many a Christmas time running to get on planes and travelling across the country to be in San Diego for Christmas. Yet another blessing of living at "home"...we could wake up and travel a whole 30 minutes to be with our family.
It was such a great Christmas to have an older kid, a middle kid and a newborn. It really did make the celebration complete. Joel woke up with the gift-hungry boys...but didn't make it long until he was too tired and fell asleep again. And it warmed my heart to see Christian maturing...as he was more interested in watching and enjoying what other were getting than worrying about what else he could open and play with. Shane, on the other hand, was more than happy to "help" Joel open his presents...and would have probably done everyone else's as well, if allowed. He's a character.
Christmas morning is also very nostalgic for me (and maybe Gav too=))...its when Gav proposed to me...in my stocking. I love that memory...despite the fact I was in my PJs with wet hair on my head. The gift that keeps giving=)

Christmas Eve 2009

A momentous day in a family where living at and loving the beach is ESSENTIAL. Joel made it to the beach...finally. We spent Christmas Eve at the beach for a while...then to see the Chipmunks Squeakual...which as a note...was Joel's first movie as well. We all had a great time enjoying having Gav with us and being all together doing some fun things. Its amazing what a treasure that family time is these days. With a newborn and Gav at work so much...one of our greatest Christmas gifts was to be together without being on call=)

Jan 4, 2010

Pre Christmas 2009

Our pre-christmas festivities this year were less intense than recent years...not that I am complaining. Gav's work party was simple...they didn't charge us $80/pp and require fancy dresses (although, it used to be kind of fun to get totally dolled up). In fact, here's the only pic prior to the party(i think he's pretty DANG hot!). And sadly, we missed our ward Breakfast with Santa because we had a basketball game at the same time. However...Joel got to open his first Christmas present from Grandma Gerrie (the traditional PJs) at Gammy's house a few weeks early.

And now that Christmas is over and presents have been seen....here are some of the after shots of the Grandkids Photoshoot we did for GAmmy & Papa's gift...

Here's my fav pic of the bunch that we took...which, I might add, was no easy feat with 10 grandkids...2 three year olds and a newborn=)

And no Christmas is complete without a trip to the temple to check out the lights and nativity:And I didn't get any pictures...but we did tag along on the annual Packard Carolling tradition...which always proves to be heart warming in some little way. I love that it brings joy to others with nothing but our voices. Speaking of tagging along, we also jumped in the my SILs friend tradition of driving thru PQ where there are about 10 streets that do the Christmas lights up right...it was awesome...very crowded...but we jumped in the back of Gav's truck and we had a great time.

Jan 2, 2010

after tomorrow...

I keep thinking..."after tomorrow I will upload pics and post"...and then something else is added to my list and I don't get to it. So, here's me promising you and myself that I will do it within the next few days.
posts to look forward to...
-pre-christmas festivities
-joel's 1st trip to the beach
-trip to UT
-Shane's birthday
...and maybe a few in between...i can't remember right now=)