Jan 23, 2015

McEwan Family 2014

 Christian age 13....Shane age almost 9...Joel age 5...Camille age 2
   Gulf Breeze, FL

15+ years and eternity to go <3 p="">

Aug 27, 2013

Need to...

Is your list of need to do's as long as mine?
On my current list....Download pics from the last 3-4 months...then I can blog. Because, blogging without pics, unless you are hysterical, is just plain boring =) In the meantime...random pics...

Jan 15, 2013

Disney World Day 2....Animal Kingdom

Pretty much self -explanatory...I will note that Shane went on Expedition Everest for the first time...and then went a whole bunch more times...we spent a good portion of the day there...probably one of our favorite rides!

Jan 14, 2013

Disneyworld 2012 Day 1...Epcot

At Thanksgiving time, we took the kids on a surprise trip to DisneyWorld. We made such great memories. This was Day 1 of 4...we spent at Epcot...it was a good, a little slower paced first day. It was such perfect weather...and the crowds were great. Gavin and I just loved to see Disney through the eyes of our first timers...Joel and Camille. Walt really knew what he was doing...Disney is amazing.

October Festivities

Gav had a birthday...I think he never ages though ...not fair =) The kids were really into making his day special. It was pretty awesome! I steamed my first batch of crabs at home...yummy!!
 Halloween was a hit...we have the best neighborhood for it! We had dinner with our friends the Cookes and then went to town on the neighborhood
 Shane was in character all night...this was his dream...to be Sam Flynn from Tron Legacy!

 Camille was the cutest little lady bug I've ever seen...she was awesome!
 Joel is just Rad.....he was Batman to go with Christian's re-do costume, the Joker...
 And I was a little devilish
 This was Camille's happy place...the wagon. She was so happy in there...the entire night...she would have gone more...if we'd let her. PARTAY!!

Republican in the democratic process

2012 was an election year. And I think one our children will not forget any time soon. We were very pumped about the Republican candidate, Mitt Romney. He would have been so good for our country and the economy. And, we voted. The nation voted. Unfortunately, Mitt was not given the opportunity to help our country. It is pretty disappointing. But, at least we used our right to vote, we gave it our all....we supported in all the ways we could. And now...its in God's hands. Hopefully, the next 4 years are not a complete disaster.
We went to two Romney rallies here in Pensacola...one with John McCain and one with Mitt Romney himself. I think they were wonderful experiences for the kids to see how this all works and how the politicians in our country effect our lives and our families. Perhaps it inspired them with future aspirations =)

Joel turned 3

October was Joel's 3rd birthday!
 Daddy was gone on his actual birthday...we went bowling with the Knights and hit Cinnabon on the way home for a gooey cinnamon roll for Joel's candle to sit in.

 When Daddy was back from his surfing trip...we had the real dinner and cake with the Elders...Joel requested an M&M, train cake...
 For his birthday...he got a new Shark helmet and his big boy bike that looks like a motorcycle...he was pretty excited.

Boys first Surf Competition

In September, we signed the kids up for a surf competition here locally. The gulf provided a sweet surprise when we got there that morning...the waves were great...seriously one the best days we have seen here. The boys were nervous...but kind of stoked. Shane went first...and rocked it, with a little of Gav's help (a parent in the water was required for his age group). He ended up getting 1st place in his division. Christian's first heat went well...he placed high enough to progress to the next round. Christian ended up doing well, even though he was in a older age group...placing 3rd overall. They are both super stoked for next years competition, setting their sights on ripping up this gulf coast surf! They know this is a good place to start before we get back to SoCal surf where the competition might be a little more fierce.
Gav was in heaven with his surfer boys...and also couldn't wait for the competition to end so he could have a little piece of the decent waves!