Aug 30, 2009

Me too!

Lest you think we abandoned one...we still have another son...Shaner! It seems all the posts have been Christian occupied lately. And Shane has been here...oh, he has definitely been here. He is DEFINITELY 3 years old. Cute as a button but whiney and opinionated far too much, for my likes. So...just to prove he is still's our Jonas Bro mimic...

First Day of 3rd Grade

This was a big month for Christian...if you can't tell...he also started 3rd grade on August 20th. He got into a class with 2 of his Primary buddies, that coincidentally also live in our neighborhood. (do you see the trend...we are loving the Sabre Springs area...its a perfect fit for us). He was hardly nervous for his first day. His teacher is a cute older (I don't mean old...just not fresh out of college) lady and she seems to know what she is doing and very kind. She came up to me after the first day and said that she could not believe that this is Christian's first day at Creekside (being he was likely the only new student in the class), because he was so well-adjusted. She also paid him a sweet compliment saying he was one of the sweetest a mom, that warms my heart=) This transition into a new school has gone far...I don't want to jinx anything after our experience with getting in at all=) He seems happy...and he seems to be keeping pace okay with the prior-experienced-CA-kids...and he loves the differences in the lunch-time/recess routines. All is good. And the 5-7 minute walk to and from school with all the neighborhood friends is great (unless its 106 degrees like it was last contracting belly did not like that).

Out in front of the house...Shane being oh-so-cooperativeThe walk to schoolThe walking crew (minus the stroller train)

Baptism Celebration

Last Saturday, August 22nd, Christian got baptized. It was so wonderful. We had a lot of friends and family that came near and far for it. We had my sister and her family staying with well as my brother and his new was a full house. But, surprisingly, it went well. Family came into town on Friday...and OF COURSE, the beach and weather were Lame! (odd, because this last week after they all left, we had crazy hot weather up and near the 100s)
At the baptism, Christian changed into his white jumpsuit....but then refused to come in and sit for the program. He was too embarrassed...he thought it looked odd. Which it didn't, its what everyone wears...but try telling that to my 8 year old very particular son. FINALLY, I promised him he could hide behind my belly and come in...whatever works! Other than that silly glitch, the whole thing was great. After the baptism, everyone came back to our place for some dinner...thank you Stouffers=) It was fun to have everyone over...I still can't believe there were 50 or more people here. Here are the very few pics we got of the weekend...I was a little pre-occupied.

8th Birthday

I use this blog, in large part, as a journalling of our family's activity and life experiences. So...although Christian's birthday was several weeks ago...
Gavin was actually on call the night of Christian's birthday, so he got to start the celebration early on Thursday night, the night before, with our presents for him...just to make sure Daddy got to see his reaction to the big present=)(see pic)
Christian was "trying it out" as Gav was putting it all together...this is before the safety enclosure=)
On his actual birthday, we decided to go to the San Diego Zoo with our new buddies, the Wimmers, on our street and in our ward ( ya, what a huge blessing to have both and that they are so fun to be around=) Christian and Shane had a great time. It was pretty warm that I was definitely feeling the fact that I am quite prego now...but it was worth it. And we decided to go ahead and get an annual pass...since it is literally right across the street from Gav's work. So...we will hopefully get some great use out of it. Between Disney and the Zoo, I am passed out...and I look forward to utilizing all the fun SoCAl things we have missed out on for many years. Here are some pics from our birthday Zoo excursion.
After the zoo, Christian had soccer practice...and Gammy and Papa met us there...then we headed back to our house for dinner and chocolate cake. I think we all slept pretty well that night.

Aug 18, 2009

Watching over us...

This year has been a re-affirmation to me how closely the Lord watches over us. On so many occassion, the Lord has heard and answered our prayers. On so many occassion, he has tested and tried us....and thus, strengthened us. Probably, preparing us for this new year of change and new jobs and new everything.
So...the latest greatest news....we listened to our voicemail last night before heading to bed late...and realized, the school across the street had called to confirm that Christian had indeed gotten a spot there and that he will find out today who his teacher is and who is in his class. I felt an intense sense of relief and gratitude...knowing full well WHO had provided that for us. Christian is not here so he does not know yet...but I can only imagine what that little man is going to feel. He deserves it....and I really needed it. Gavin was almost nearly excited as I was. And although its very last minute, school starts on Thursday, we are most grateful and humbled!

Aug 12, 2009

Padres Game

No summer is complete without a trip to Petco Park to watch a Padres game. This year we went with Mark & Tracy and kiddos on Cub Scout night. We got great seats for half the price. Our boys just love being there...its a great that never gets old. Shane shook his booty and Christian and Carter acted crazy to try and get on the big screen. And the weather was LOVELY!! To top it all off...the Padres came back from behind to win the game. Not too shabby.

New Camera...

When we got on the plane to NY for our anniversary, we were lucky enough to have our camera die with the 1st picture we we replaced it in NY with a lame temporary one...then exchanged that lame one for a little better one. But I have been lazy and FINALLY downloaded the software for it.
So...I have quite a bot of picture catching up to do...
Fourth of July Fireworks Craze

Trip to De & Chad's HouseThe only way to enjoy/endure the AZ heat
Little Hospitality from Raw Hide...even a dust bowl to make it real...
Definitely an outlaw
Swearin' in the deputies
Hanging out with old friends in their new home

Aug 9, 2009

Make up your minds...

At my appt this last seems that my regular OB is still going by my original due date (10/26) and is wanting to take the baby Oct. 19th. Should I adjust my ticker? I feel so fickle...but really, its not me...its these darned doctors that can't make up their minds. I should have known better than to change the ticker...they always say the initial dating is the most accurate. Baby Bob is still moving along at his little self pace...I am super curious what having a "littler" baby will really mean....are we talking 8 lbs, 7lbs, 6lbs or less?? Christian was my smallest so far at 7lb 9oz....and he was 2.5 weeks early (can you imagine the size that bubba would have been?) We will find out in 10 weeks=)

Aug 6, 2009

Milestone for Christian

Tomorrow Christian turns 8 years old. Tonight 8 years ago, I laid in Tri City Hospital laboring with pitocin inducing my labor...while Gavin was on a long flight back to SD after his 1st day of medical school in NY. If I remember correctly, Gavin arrived at the hospital at midnight. Then Christian was born at 9:56 AM via semi-emergency C-section. And the journey with him has been a dream. He was/is an amazing 1st born...he did everything perfect and contrary to the stereotypical normal baby...he slept well, ate well (well...nursed horribly..but ate well) and was so perfectly mild mannered. And has continued to do so. We are so lucky to be his parents and he teaches us every day. He adjusts amazingly to new circumstances...something neither of us ever had to do nor think we could have...I mean, what kid do you know is starting at his 4th elementary school and is only beginning 3rd grade=) And how many children do you know that have been under anesthesia 4 times by the age of 8 years old for surgical procedures? I know we are terribly bias about him....but we really are impressed by his resiliance. We could go on endlessly, but mostly we just think he's an awesome son and brother and athlete and kid=)
At any rate, Happy 8th Birthday Christiano! We love you so very much!!

Aug 4, 2009


My insides are churning and I want to scream at someone so...I will scream at my blog! I got a call as I was making dinner tonight...from a lady from the school district to inform/apologize to me...that somehow she had miscounted the number of 3rd grade spots available and because there is one less than she thought, Christian is now considered only provisional to go to tha school around the corner. We spent 15 minutes on the phone discussing the sounds like she has emails that seem it is still possible for him to go there. But she had to inform us that it is a distinct possibility he may have to be placed at a nearby school. I am SUPER frustrated! After all the stress getting in and hurriedly getting the last spot...I thought for sure the lady was joking. So...we are praying that they have a spot for him. Or, as the lady suggested, I could pitch a fit...she said because of the situation it very well may work if I did. Not really my first choice to become a beast in the new district/school we could be in for 3 years...BUT, I cannot imagine how not going to that school would impact our walking, no neighborhood friends with same schedule, no help taking Christian to school after baby is just born....I think I could go on!
Frustrated! Helpless! Dissappointed! Angry! Hormonal!~(why would they do that to a pregnant lady?)Sad!....Yet, hopeful, prayerful and faithful!!
Venting over.