Sep 19, 2012

Big Day..5th Grade Promotion Creekside Elementary

Back in my day (haha...I sound really old!), it was 6th grade promotion...but now that elementary ends at 5th was time. Christian was more than ready to progress and be promoted up to middle school. He attended 4 elementary schools to get to this point...yikes!
 Here he is shaking with the principal with his teacher looking on
 They all sang "Do I make you proud?" was a great song...I totally cried....Christian seemed thrilled to be singing in front of so many people =)
 Christian was chosen to present the class gift to the principal.
Camille loves her biggest brother...cute moment!
 With Maguire and Makenzie (his two best friends) showing off the baby sister
 Daddy took off just enough time to make it to the ceremony
 Some of the buddies
Even Gammy came to see Christian graduate
 The crew
 Christian and Mrs. Callum, 5th grade teacher....he LOVED her
 Gammy and Camille
My sweet little 3 month old

Sep 18, 2012

Kindergarten fun ending...

Near the end of the school year, the Kindergartners preformed...they are such a fun age to watch. They don't usually get it all right...but it is comical to watch. Shane was pretty enthusiastic about his singing.

The last field trip of the year was to the Birch Aquarium. With a newborn, I felt I couldn't commit to go. But that morning...Joel was being good and Camille was we packed up and met Shane's class there. When we got there, his class was in the learning center where they were getting to touch some starfish and different sea creatures. We walked in and Joel ran right up to Shane to see what he was doing. Shane was super was awesome!

 You get to play in the water all you want?! Joel was in heaven!!
 love these two little monkeys
This is a leopard shark...Shane had just done his report on was cool to see them in person. Their home is right there in La Jolla!

Sep 17, 2012

The best DADDY in the world!

This picture truly says it all...its missing the baby, who was likely sleeping...but look at those happy boys! If you ask Joel who is his best friend...on any given day...he will say "my dad". If you ask him who loves him....he will always say the same thing. There is no doubt how much our children love and adore their daddy....almost as much as I do =) I thank my father in heaven nightly for sending him to me to be the father of my children....I could not have chosen a better person. So, on father's day...we saluted him!! Love you!!