Aug 31, 2012

Band Geek

Christian's 5th grade allowed them to try an instrument for band for a year. Christian decided to try a trumpet. I think the ultimate decision by the end of the year was that it is OKAY....but not something he wanted to persue. But it was fun to mess around and be a band geek for a year!

 Silly Boy!
G & P came to the concert to get some of their lasts in with us, prior to moving away

Little League & Mother's Day 2012

Baseball Season 2012
It seems tradition that the boys will both get a game ball on the same day...both were stoked!
Rushed from Christian's game to the league PETCO park night with the Padres

 Camille's first MLB game...she did well!
 This weekend we had Curious George visiting us from Shane's Kindergarten class
 After church with George
 Mother's Day first with a daughter =)
 My little doll

Aug 28, 2012

Chilly Chicago

In April, Camille and I accompanied Gavin to Chicago where he was presenting at a National Ophthalmology conference. Unfortunately, a few days before leaving, Camille contracted RSV...luckily, she didn't have to be hospitalized and was deemed healthy enough to go. She actually fared pretty well, all things considered. It was So, so cold there. I cannot remember being that cold in a long time, if ever. We were not prepared for it to be THAT cold. We were able to do some exploring in Chicago and spent some wonderful time with our best friends from Med School, the Hawes'. I cannot tell you how nice it is to have friends like them....truly, wonderful people who we click so well with....we don't even skip a beat when we get back together!
 Gav, the morning of his presentation....representing Navy Ophtho
 Chicago Cubs game at historic Wrigley was historically cold as well!!
 The architectural tour on the Chicago was so cool...and the sun even popped out for us!!
 The tallest building in the US now...used to be called the Sears Tower
 I love to explore and travel with Gav...wish we could do it more!
 Gav with 2 of the 4 Hawes boys...including little Gav, Gavin's namesake....Love it!

Aug 21, 2012

Camille's Blessing Weekend

Camille's Blessing Weekend was amazing. All my brothers and sisters and their families came! I am sure it was quite a feat for them all...but it was so wonderful for us all to be together. The people that made those sacrifices to be there with us on that special weekend where we blessed our last baby (and celebrated my birthday) made special memories with us. Most of Gav's family were there...which made it all the more special as well!Luckily,they all live locally and didn't have to travel far.
Family Bowling

Here are all the people that came near and far to share this special day!Mostly family (and the friends that are pretty much family too =))

Our complete family
All of our kiddos 
So grateful for the priesthood
Camille's Namesake...Auntie Denise 

Our beautiful princess 
Oh....and it was my birthday too =) What an awesome present to bless my baby girl and spend so much special time with our families!!

Aug 20, 2012

Easter 2012

Camille...about 5 weeks old

Checking out the loot

Camille with her loot

Older grandkids going in the jungle to hunt for their baskets

Christian found his loot from  the Easter Bunny

Auntie Tracy getting her baby fix

Christian and Carter cant find their baskets from Gammy and Papa!

Camille's first photo shoot

When my sister came to help me recover from my CSection, we did a photoshoot with Camille. It was kind of fun. Some of them even turned out kind of cute....I love this little girl and all the pink!!

Big Brothers

My commentary for the next many posts will be short since I have about 5 months to catch up on! Needless to say....these boys love their little sissy....and she loves them.