Mar 31, 2010

Utilizing Gav's time off...

and our Disney passes that have been a little dormant since Joel was born...what a better way to finish off a family vacation week than with a trip to DISNEYLAND! And sincew we did this almost 2 months ago...i should get off my lazy rear and post some pics. This was Gav's first time to ride with Shane on his big rollercoasters. Truly a bonding moment for a dad and his growing boy.

Back to the promised land...

After a week in's the first thing we did when we returned...

..enojoyed the beautiful place we call home!

Mar 30, 2010

Christian's First Date

I love that he is 8 and still says he is going to marry his mommy=) As he grows, I hope at the very least that he will still want to hang out with me...and that I won't embarrass him. For Valentines, his school throws a mother/son and daddy/daughter dances. So we had our special date together...with our chaperone attached at the bjourn=)

Mar 18, 2010

In small, controlled doses...UT is a fun thing!

In no particular are some pics of our trip to Utah we made all the way back in February during "winter break". It was a lot of fun. Certainly worth it. We dubbed it our "great grandparent trip". We weren't able to see everyone. But we were able to introduce our children to some of our grandparents that had never met them...and/or hadn't seen them in a very long time. Our second purpose was to play in the snow. Christian's first 4 years of his life were spent in the snow...and he misses that..sometimes. Shane has only once before played in snow. And Joel... likely could have cared less about it all...NO, I take that back. He LOVED our grandparents and has a special liking for my Auntie Alice.'s a little of what we did/captured...

Mini-man soccer debut

this is actually a feat in and of itself...4-5 year olds waiting in line for a turn! Truly a novelty.
here is shane in slow-mo (he know's no other speed) and his buddies Sam (in fast-mo) and Jack (in observation mode)

Shane as goalie. blocked one goal. otherwise like a fish out of water.

Shane has been playing soccer with his buddies on Friday nights. Well, I am not sure I would really call it soccer. Its more like WWF/tag team wrestling/bee-swarming...with a few kicks. Its not really anything like what Christian was playing at 4 years old. But I think it was a good introduction to sports for Shane. He is a little less athletically inclined than Christian...but he tries-which I am glad. And perhaps with more practice/time...he will be a great athletic machine. It really is my comic relief of the week to see what goes on down on the field. Its a great time.

Mar 15, 2010

Why do I do this??

I wait too long to update and talk about all the various things that have changed, improved,grown...and then I get overwhelmed at all the activities, trips and everyday life I need to post. Then, I don't post anything, which makes me further behind.
Hence...coming soon:
-Shane's soccer debut
-our great-grandparent trip to UT
-Christian's Spring baseball started up
-Joel is HUGE
-weeks of illnesses, including pneumonia I am doubting myself thinking maybe I already covered some of I will review my neglected blog...and then start working on the updates. Add it to the To-DO list!

Mar 2, 2010

The judicial system

I know this not an upbeat topic...but its one I want to vent and to note as a place in time. These last 6 days there was a teenage girl missing here in our area (just giving a little history for those of you that don't live here in SD).Over the course of those 6 days there has been an overwhelming support from the communities. That has been wonderful. It has rebuilt some of my faith that there is a DEFINITE majority of good people still left in this world. Unfortunately, the bad, the sick, the evil minority get such a large portion of media coverage that it can leave one thinking that perhaps that is all that exists. They ended up finding the body of the girl today. Which makes me so sad. But what makes me sadder is that THIS could have been prevented. They have the beast in custody that did this. And he is a registered offender and he was in prison from 2000-2005...his sentence shortened from a plea bargain. He should have been in 11 years...which would take us beyond this year where this could have happened. Even are these people allowed out AT ALL?! I know the laws of justice and mercy must coexist. I just have a hard time understanding why this continually happens. Person violates a law of this magnitude. Person is allowed out into society. Person is sick and does it again. This time worse. They have learned the system and they get more confidence in what they can do and get away with.
At any rate, I will stop. I just wish we could change the laws that surround this problem so that no known convict could be let free to do it again. I know I will hug my kids a little tighter tonight and be thankful.