May 18, 2010

Ahoy Matey

Our school here in Poway has been great. I really have no complaints (other than they are full...everyone wants a part of the goodness). They have been known to have some great field trips. Christian's class recently went on a Floating Science Lab in the San Diego Harbor. Gav was able to ask for 1/2 the day off to accompany Christian's class...since it was down the street from his work. They had a great time. They saw a whale and all kinds of sea-life. Christian got to help throw the net in to see what was below their boat. I didn't go...but it sounded like one of the best field trips ever...and even pretty educational. And it always makes my heart smile to see Gav and his boys getting special time to bond together.

My status

You know when you're filling out a survey and the age options generally include 25-29 or 30-35...I just entered the latter. Perhaps subconsciously I was not posting this hoping I could stay 29 forever. As I am now owning it...the big 3-0, that is...I am thinking forward to the magic that the 30s is going to have in store for me. So many great things happened in my 20s...but I also see endless possibilities with my 30s...not better...just different. Perhaps a new phase of kids will be growing older...I will hopefully finish up my child-bearing years... Gavin will be finished training for a career that will hopefully become a new life for us ( in so many ways...mostly we can settle more permanently)...believe it or not, I might even have a son going or already on a mission in my late 30s. WOW. That puts life in perspective.
For my 30th celebration (seen above) my sweet husband surprised me with a fabulous, glamorous night on the town. A white stretch limo greeted me at my door and took us to our various destinations for the evening. I told my friends that that evening was in the top 3 of all my times with Gavin since we've known each was magical and perfect. Nothing but perfection. And a shout out to Gammy who watched our 3 little munchkins so we could party on the town...just the 2 of us. (thankfully Joel finally took a bottle and could do without me for more than 2 hours at a time=))