Mar 29, 2008

Here we are a week past Easter and I am finally posting about our festivities. I took part of the week to recoop from cooking, cleaning and preparing. And the rest of the week to do the things I neglected the week prior. Right now, it seems a bunch of my life is also centered around baseball games and practices and get the point.

So Easter was fabulous...thanks to our friends here in Corpus. We were filled spiritually by all the wonderful talks and lessons at church. Then we came home to a backyard visited by the Easter Bunny....Christian must have behaved at church because he knew the Easter bunny doesn't come to irreverent children. Then...we had 3 families over for an Easter egg hunt and Easter dinner. It was quite a crowd...but I like it that way. And each of the families have really become our family away from family. Shane had his buddies Cooper and Sophie. And Christian had his favorite babysitters, Kurt and Sally, and his buddies Lucy and Ben.

However, after doing 2 Easters in a row...I call dibbs to NOT host Easter next year!!

I just wanna be "Beeg"...

Shane has a lot to look up to...the best Daddy ever and the best big brother.... I think its pretty evident who he wants to be like when he grows up!!
"I go to work like Daddy"

"I go to school like brother"

Mar 17, 2008

What we do with our time, says everything about us...

Its beach time again--well, off and on!!

Shaney's favorite "goggie"

I have become one of those bloggers...the kind that slack off for a month and every time you check their blog you see the same old post. I apologize and will do better!!

Our lives have been somewhat busy over the last several weeks... with Christian's baseball practices, Youth fundraisers, Youth Temple trips, school activities celebrating Texas**, Ear doctor visits for Christian, yard projects...and I'm sure there's more. Plus, the weather has perked up a bit lately causing for some family beach time...
Today we took Christian to the ENT specialist for the 4th time in the last month...he is still struggling with his tubes. Hopefully, it will slow down. We fitted him for custom earplugs today, which we are hoping will elevate the main issue--moisture in the ears. Then we took the boys to see Alvin & the Chipmunks in the Dollar Theater....Shane was hilarious. Who knew he loved the "bow-wow chicka wow-wow" so much! And their Christmas song...Shane sang right along at the top of his lungs mimicking Alvin. Over- and over throughout the whole movie! We tried to cover his mouth, but he pushed away and rocked on. Watch out American Idol....Shane's the new Idol in the making!!
On the note of cute kiddo moments--- Christian was snuggling me before we put him to bed one night. And he starts up a conversation saying:
C: "Mom, so I get to see you every day of my whole life, right?"
M: "Well...I don't know about every day. When you go on your mission I won't get to see you for 2 years."
C: "!!! I wish I was a girl" (so he wouldn't have to leave for 2 years)
M: " Well, and when you get married, I probably won't see you EVERY day."
C: " am going to live right by you so I can see you every day.....(long pause)....well, if my wife lets me."

On days like that, I feel I have accomplished all I could ever hope for as a son wants to be with me forever! I must have done something right to earn that. And on those bad days, which I am sure will come when he's a teenager and I have to tell him no, I will have to remind him how much he wanted to see me every day of his whole life!

** Just as a side note: you know you are not from Texas when....the first dozen times I see a t-shirt that says ATM....I thought it stood for the thing you get cash from....and my Texas friends cringe and explain the all importance of Texas A & M...sorry guys, I'm from SoCal!!

School-wide Family Picnic

Chef in the making--testing the cheesecake!