Jan 28, 2012

Almost caught up....DEC 2011....old camera still..(Gav style) =).

Christmas Morning!!

Joel ate everyone's candy from their stockings !!
Christian finally got his e-scooter from Santa !!

Padres/Petco Stadium
Christian the Musician....Piano and Trumpet recitals !!

catching up... OCT 2011

Joels 2nd Birthday!!!

Auntie and Niece at Taylor Swift !!!!!
Weekend getaway to Morro Bay !!

Gav's Birthday (35th....old man!)
The Joker, Spiderman, and a cute little Gnome went trick-or-treating to finish off the month of October !!

Jan 6, 2012

New Camera...delay in posts...

My new excuse for being about 3 months behind in blogging...is that I got a new AWESOME camera...and I need to install the software and figure it all out so I can show off these (hopefully) awesome pictures...stay tuned!