Apr 30, 2009

What happened to my blog groove?

I've lost it. I have blogged only matter-of-factual things. I want to post more...but find I am running around too much...and when we're not...I just want to do a whole bunch of nothing.And certainly my creative juices are lacking. I guess we knew these 2 months of limbo here on the island were going to be more like a forced vacation...but with lingering responsibility (ie. baseball, school, callings, everyday errands). I guess its just odd to be living out of a suitcase.
Shawna will find her groove....someday!

Apr 21, 2009

The last of all birthdays...

Isn't 29 when people stop aging...or I guess stop counting...so this is it for me. I had the last one!

My favorite quote for next year was awesome..."I can't wait to turn 30 so people will take me seriously!" AWESOME!! Is it true? People can automatically tell you are no longer a naive 20 something and have life experience enoigh to be considered a serious adult. Well, I hope so...because I am on my way!

I had a pretty regular day on my actual birthday...but it was good. Christian had a baseball game that night...and hit me a home run for my big day. Some of my girlfriends took me to lunch on my actual birthday...which was good...unfortunately I had a busy 3 year old so I felt out of it. Then the next day more girlfriends took me to lunch...this time WITHOUT my busy boy...and it was much more relaxing. I was spoiled from everyone...and was grateful for all the well-wishes. I am always amazed at how people can remember random birth dates...I wish I was personally better at that!

The weekend brought the rest of my birthday celebrations....Friday Gav took me out to a cute bay-front restaurant in Port Aransas. And yummy homemade dessert locally! And Saturday Christian offered to sacrifice his manliness to take me on a hot date to the movies to see Hannah Montana. Which, me and my pregnancy hormones cried at...and I really thought it was cute...well done! Christian was a trooper...a chick flick just for his mommy!! He did make one last ditch effort to save himself and offered to see the Dragonballz movie...I declined. My Christian is a treasure. He is much like his daddy...very thoughtful and often very aware of people's feelings! Thanks everyone for a wonderful 29th birthday!

Easter Fun

Easter was great and low-key and kind of last minute because of this:
But we didn't mind...and are just glad our cute Sophie is healed!

In my laziness....I'll let the slides speak...

Good friends, good times, lots of food, TONS of candy....and a great reminder of a priceless gift!

Shane's spare time

Here's his new life on the island. I am not sure if we're going to be able to make him move now. Although, he is convinced he is moving to California where his Gammy and Papa are going to take him to Disney every day. I think he may have a bit of a reality check shortly. In the meantime, bring on the beautiful weather and pool-side service!!

Apr 10, 2009

Maternity Help

Since I seem to have a 4 year gap between my children....it suffices to say that my maternity clothes each time are usually quite out of style by the next pregnancy. As I see my waistline expand...its becomes ever apparent to me that I may need some maternity clothes. But I don't want to look dumpy and frumpy...Motherhood has some okay stuff....but for the most part I find their stuff overpriced crap and quite unattractive.
Hence this post.....whether currently prego, recently delivered, or just an awesome stylist....I need some places (online, in-store, etc) to look for some cute stuff. HELP!!

Less than 200

I have been watching that stupid counter...awaiting the day it said I had less than 200 days left. 200 seemed like a HUGE number...especially when its counting the number of days I have to get even larger and larger...and to be slightly uncomfortably bigger.
So...hooray for my belly...less then 200 days until baby peanut (have I mentioned how much I hope its a girl??) arrives!
Oh..and while I am on the subject. I just have to say that no matter how "in shape" you think you are before you get prego...by the third child, there is little to no hope I can fit in my clothes or stay reasonably normal sized for very long.
And....after having said all of that...I am still a firm believer that this whole having a baby thing and getting prego is a miracle. And we are all still excited!

Apr 8, 2009

Best captured pic...

We were looking at some old pics and I found this one. I took it in a little shop in the Washington mall in DC....I remember being so SHOCKED at how politically incorrect this was...and in our nation's capital where everyone seems so worried about equality and proper verbage. To his credit, the owner of the shop was obviously of foreign decent so perhaps his heart was in the right place. I remember being so shocked that someone really put that out by their register...I had to have a picture. People just wouldn't believe me!

Apr 5, 2009

The L O N G E S T post in world history!

Where do I begin...I feel like I am so behind on the details of the last month and more. Beginning of March started with Christian's pre-op appointment in San Antonio...and while we were there we saw our earliest pic of baby peanut. We confirmed there was ONE baby and it was growing well. But at 6 weeks it was too early for a heart beat. The evening before Christian's appt was decided to check out the plane replicas in the field nearby the hospital. The boys had a blast...it was beautiful weather...and the boys were being so cute.

Shane decided he knew all the "stories" on the plaques and read them all to us=)

When we came home the next evening after the appointment, we got our offer on the house. So...more excitement...like I mentioned in earlier posts...we worked out the details and we were in escrow. We were leary that the buyers wanted to close escrow on March 31st...from the date we worked out the details...it was less than 25 days for them to get all their funding in order. But we scheduled our movers anyhow...and I got a call on March 24th....a week before closing...saying the title company all ready had the closing docs and that everything was good to close on March 31st. So we scrambled the week before to find a furnished rental out here on Padre Island. But, ended up finding a little 2 bedroom villa that works great for our family. Our home sold and closed on time. Our movers showed up on Monday the 30th to pack the boxes and the 31st to move it all out. It is quite the whole process...I remember why I don't really care for it. I mean....really, I should hardly complain in the many moves, I have only had to do it once ourselves... but it is still ultra inconvenient and certainly an adjustment for all involved. But...the home sold and we cannot complain in this economy. We were certainly blessed through the process.

Goodbye cute 1st home Back to mid March. The 16th Christian had ear surgery...I only got 2 pics because my camera wasn't charged. He was being hilarious before the surgery...cracking us and all the nurses up. I wish I would have had it on camera. And certainly when they gave me some sweet meds to "relax" him for the surgery...he started getting really loopy.We had the surgery then went up a week later for the follow-up...which I already wrote about...but have a few pics for... Then last weekend...Christian had his 1st baseball game of the season...which despite his ENT doc being leary, he still played...and he played fabulously...he got a gazillion outs in the pitcher position....and hit his 1st in field home run and pulled in 2 more runs! He had opening ceremonies for Bball, baseball pics, a birthday party and his first piano recital all last Saturday.Ice Cream after the recital...um...sugar high!!

Apr 2, 2009

Sister & Best Friend

Happy Birthday De...we love you tons!!!