Oct 9, 2012


"Congratulations to my amazing wife on OUR residency graduation yesterday. The certificates may have had only my name listed, but all of our accomplishments over the past 13 years have been made together. Thank you for being the best partner and friend I could ever ask for! -G "

June 23rd was  big day..a day we have been working toward for...well, our whole married life! And although Gavin has had many graduations and celebrations over all his schooling and training endevours...this was kind of the pinnacle. One piece of paper embodies...13 years of studying, sacrificing, moving all around the country, sleepless nights, sleepy days, missed birthdays/anniversaries/kids activities, living below poverty level, debt, stress, pressure,worry, thankless work, underpaid and overworked, filling the brain with more than it can possibily retain,lonely nights/weeks/months without a husband, celebrating successes, mourning over failures. How do you even describe this road we have traveled? A road that no one in either of our families had travelled before...so it was an unfamiliar, unaccompanied road. This was the end....or is it just the beginning. Now, several months into life outside training...I think the reality is...the road is beginning and evolving. Medicine is a tricky profession. For now, I will say....I am grateful that some of the hardest parts are over...and I do look forward with optimism that the payoff...in all forms...will some day come our way. But sadly, the end of residency also meant the end of our stay in San Diego, home...and off on another adventure...another learning experience...another uncharted road! From CA to FL.....now with 4 kids, our complete family in tow!

Just a quick bragging point....to say residency was easy for Gav would have been comical. But...this night, he recieved several awards...one of which was the research award given to only one. I was so proud/shocked...sometimes he surprises even himself <3 p="p">
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