Jul 22, 2009

Speak now...

I just adjusted my baby ticker...the new due date they have been going off of is Oct 30 (my lil' bro's bday)...and although they still can't decide for sure...why not go with the later one...less anticipation.
On another note....unless you like the name BOB...which Shane has so cutely named fetus....we are welcoming any SUGGESTIONS for names. We have 2...which I will not share right now...but have not fully decided on anything. We are certain its a boy...the parts are hard to miss on the 99th sonogram. So...speak now or forever hold your peace...well, actually...in the end we may still decide on one of our 2...but give a shout out for your favorite names before its too late!!
ANOTHER thing....I need some help...I need a new infant seat and stroller...the one I had for Christian and Shane had seen better days, not to mention was not even safe any longer. I have a sit 'n stand stroller for multiple child trips...but I need a need every day stroller that can be used with an infant seat and without it.... I know there are amazing things out there that I have not found yet...please inform!!

Water Park 2009

Last week we took a trip to Irvine with the cousins to go to Wild Rivers. I was trying to remember the last time I had even been to a water park...probably nearly 20 years. I do recall Gavin asking me out to a water park when we were getting to know each other...which I totally shot him down. I didn't even know him, come on!
Anyhow...the kids had a blast. Christian was able to go off with the bigger boys...while I stayed with Shane in the kid's area. It was an awesome deal...I only had to pay for myself...the kiddos were free. (Well, I say deal...but just myself with a coupon was $25...whoa inflation!)
Of course I had my camera...inside my bag locked in the locker, safe and dry....so the only pics I have are ones my SIL took.

Jul 16, 2009

Much healthier in CA

The running joke with many of my friends in Corpus was how nasty and lethal Corpus was for all of our healths...it seemed to be swarming with some kind of illness or pollution or something. While there...we had our fair share. But as a point of interest on the subject, since we have been back in San Diego, we have:
- been able to help our Baby Bob to catch up on his growth...where it was quite deficient in Corpus.

- Baby's kidney which was abnormal in Corpus...is no longer such an issue

-The latest great news, Christian's ear which required 2 surgeries in Corpus with a crazy, somewhat-rare ear disease called cholesteotoma...just was examined by a new great ENT doc here in San Diego and recieved a clean, healthy bill of health. What a relief. We think it may have been the 1st time in many years this has been so. The only new discussion is when/if to do a surgery to assist his hearing. But it would not require cutting off his ear, as in his previous 2 surgeries. It would take place inside the ear cavity that was made much larger at his last surgery. We are so encouraged by this check up....And can't help but think maybe it has something to do with location=)

Did we mention how much we love to be back here in sweet home SD??

Jul 10, 2009

Another tender mercy

Baby Bob (Shane's new title for growing baby above) had an important follow-up visit today at the UCSD Fetal Specialist. Long story short...he had been growing very small for his gestational age and still had a dilated kidney. In the 3 weeks since my last sono and visit, we have prayed and many have fasted on our behalf. Today was such an answer to those pleas....Baby Bob has grown quite a bit in those 3 weeks...he actually almost grew an extra week...which puts him a little less than a week behind due date...which a happy spot for baby and for the doctors monitoring my progress. And the kidney that was dilated has decreased already some and is barely on the range of normal/abnormal size. The doctors are pleased with the progress and are confident that with time the kidney will continue to resolve. As I teared up at the sight of the growth numbers and tried to hide it from the technician...not sure if she would even understand the stress and concern we had endured for the last 3 weeks...well, actually for the whole process of getting pregnant and staying so....I just felt an overwhelming confirmation that the Lord is aware and loves us. Perhaps we just needed a reality check with HIM to make sure we are continually thankful and recognizing His hand in all things.

Jul 8, 2009

Christian got the "wast one"--

Shane's favorite expression right now..."I want the wast (last) one"...no matter what it is...he wants the last of it. Although his eyes are slowly being opened to desiring the "first one". I love 3 year old discovery of the world.
So the last one I refer to is the last 3rd grade spot at the school across the street from the home we just moved in to. Our new ward members told us on Sunday that it was likely full and a waitlist would be the best we could get for now...its a very desirable "10-rated" school. So I called, got a last minute appointment for summer registration, hurriedly filled out the bazillion forms they need to have, begged a working hubby to run home with a key to our safe where Christian's birth certificate is, barely made it to the appt...... all to hear "Well, Christian, you just got the LAST 3rd grade spot at Creekside". HUGE sigh of relief....we can walk to school and it doesn't start until 9AM...that is my kind of school=) The thoughts of dragging 3 children (including a newborn) in a car to a foreign school when a perfect school sits so perfectly right in front of us...well, I would have been quite sad. So....we are grateful for our awesome new ward and for a simple blessing...big for a mommy adjusting to a new place...grateful to a simple tender mercy. Then my mind wanders to the many tender mercies I experience every day...and I vow to be more grateful and tell my Father that I am so. I am hoping the mercy continues as I visit the fetal specialist on Friday to see our little Baby Bob...hoping he is growing and is healthy. We have come such a long way for him.

Jul 5, 2009

10 years of adventure and bliss!

On July 2nd, Gavin and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary! Because I was barely 19 when I got married, I remember people second guessing that we were truly a married couple 10 years ago. And...even now, 10 years later...there was hardly a person in public that could believe we had been married for 10 years.( Can I tell you how many times in this pregnancy that I have had people ask "Is this your first?"... "No, actually my 3rd"....shock and awe and disbelief always follow). We just look like babies I guess. But we are okay with that!
Before I share the details how we celebrated...I just wanted to express my love and admiration for the most wonderful man I have ever met. I tell people all the time that only through God's help could I have made such an important, eternal decision so perfectly at such a YOUNG age. But when it's right, its right. I cannot say that I knew HOW right it was at the time....but time has proven how very perfect we were/are for each other. We have had a very busy and adventurous 10 years of marriage and 3 (almost...2 and baking) sweet boys to show for it all. No matter where around the country or world we may be...I know it will always be perfect with my best friend at my side. I love you forever Gav!
Now...past the sappy....originally for our 10 year anniversary we had big plans...we were going to go to Hawaii in December for a luxurious vacation during the Pipeline Masters surfing competition (something we both thoroughly enjoy). But then, as has happened frequently in the 10 years of marriage, plans changed as life plans changed. With Gavin's decision to accept the Navy Ophthalmology Residency, it meant we had to leave Corpus 1 year early and sell a house. And selling a house means lots of unexpected expenses and costs. In addition, the unique opportunity to do InVitro came up rather quickly, with its associated costs. Long story short, the money we had hoped to put toward a nice vacation to Hawaii was now spent....not to mention we would have a brand newborn baby! So...for now, Hawaii is postponed. With limited time and resources and abilities, we picked our brains trying to think of a fun little celebration for this milestone. So...we went to New York for 5 days. It was a great compromise...and I think we both had a fabulous time. 2 of the days were mostly travel. And the other 3 days we tried to pack full of things we never got to do while we lived in New York and also visit nostalgic places and people. We stayed in Manhattan 2 nights and spent 2 nights with the Darger family that I nannied for 3 years. Now they are so grown up...they no longer need a nanny! My long lost children turned out to be quite the mature, great grown-up kiddos. Gavin and I had so much fun...we missed the boys but really enjoyed life without responsibility and being free for a few days.

More catch up...

Since we've been here for a month, we have been to Disneyland twice, once with my sister and family and another with my SIL and kids...we broke down and sprung for an annual pass...it just made sense. We had a blast both times...although I can't ride anything but "Small World"...I just love to see the kids (Gav included when at Disney). Half of my pics from Disney are with my MIL camera because we hadn't yet found the box that had the battery charger for our camera...so maybe I will post more later. Can I just say...that it is still so surreal to have so much family around for so many things...we are loving it!!
Shane's only request of the day...I want to meet Mickey, please!

The crew for round 2 of Disney...Christian and Shane had so much fun with all those girls!

Our first time to California Adventures...we left Disneyland mid day and hit the other park...its awesome...well, does Disney do anything poorly??

Shane and I waited in line to see Tigger,Pooh and Rabbit while the rest rode Splash Mountain (pardon the big FAT belly!!)

End of the day...Shane loves his cousins Sarah and Chloe and Auntie Tracy!!

Jul 1, 2009

Don't be fooled...

Just because I have not found the time, energy nor motivation to post the bazillion overwhelming posts that are due from all the fun and adventures we have been on in the last month...does not mean that I haven't been checking all y'alls very regularly. I find it makes me feel in some way still connected to my friends from around the country. Transitions are never fun....at first. I know I always look back and appreciate the growth and the lessons and the friends....but in the midst of decisions and moving and displacement....I just miss whatever used to be my normality.
I will just start posting a few pics to tie in some of the blanks from the last month... Christian and Coach Chuck...we could not have asked for a better coach!
Last minute way of telling Gammy & Papa that we are making Team Surf McEwan with Shane's shirt saying "I love my lil' brother" and Christian's saying " I love my lil' brothers"
Same sport, with some new equipment....a wetsuit for the chilly Pacific and his first real board!