Jul 22, 2009

Water Park 2009

Last week we took a trip to Irvine with the cousins to go to Wild Rivers. I was trying to remember the last time I had even been to a water park...probably nearly 20 years. I do recall Gavin asking me out to a water park when we were getting to know each other...which I totally shot him down. I didn't even know him, come on!
Anyhow...the kids had a blast. Christian was able to go off with the bigger boys...while I stayed with Shane in the kid's area. It was an awesome deal...I only had to pay for myself...the kiddos were free. (Well, I say deal...but just myself with a coupon was $25...whoa inflation!)
Of course I had my camera...inside my bag locked in the locker, safe and dry....so the only pics I have are ones my SIL took.


Dave, Loralee, Emma, & Bree said...

um, hello??? MY 12th BIRTHDAY PARTY! that was a fun day :)

Adam and Jess said...

Looks like you guys have had a blast this summer, sigh. I wish I were in your shoes. Life's going to get so much easier after this 1st year of dental school is over;) You make me want to live in CA though. You look so cute. I'm SOO glad things are going better for the baby.

tatum said...

i work like a block away from Wild Rivers! i'm dying to go there this summer.