Feb 27, 2011

Hawaii Part 2

Day 3: snorkeling at Hanauma Bay and surfing Diamond Head....but we didn't have our digital camera
Day 4: Temple, BYU and Polynesian Cultural Center
Day 5: Pipeline Masters- Rounds 3/4/5.....digital camera fell in the water after a rogue waves but luckily we got our shots of Kelly before that. But no pics of the Dole Pineapple Planatation without the cam.
Day 6: Pipeline Masters Day 2- Quarters/Semis/Finals with The Hastings. Surfed North Shore near Turtle Bay with Christian after the contest. Dinner that night at delicious Roys for the official '10 year anniversary' dinner =)D
Day 7: Hike and swimming at Maunawilli Falls.

Day 8: Swap meet at the Stadium. Checked into Turtle Bay and surfed Gas Chambers with Christian.

Day 9: Last, late, lazy morning at Turtle Bay and back to the airport =(

Feb 2, 2011

Hawaii Part 1

Hour 2 in Hawaii... already in the water with Hawaiian local buddy
Day 2 adventures
Sunset on Waikiki Beach, Day 2

North Beach, K-Bay

Feb 1, 2011

My Activity Day Girls...

I love these girls...they have so much personality and energy and love for life!

Joel's first hair CUT

Just before our trip to Hawaii, Gav and I both decided Joel's hair needed his first trim. I am always torn...the hair is so scrappy looking but with a haircut he looks so grown up!

Setting up Christmas faster and earlier...

One finger

the kids tree

Way back to Thanksgiving 2010

I'm a loser. Here we are in Feb 2011 and here are my pics from Thanksgiving =)