Oct 22, 2009

A year in the making....

Our miracle


6 lb 10 oz

18 inches

October 19th, 8:07AM

Shane meeting Joel for the 1st time... his 1st big brother moment!!!

Christian's turn...he says he still feels like this is a dream, "its just so amazing he's my brother!"

Leaving the hospital Wednesday afternoon...we're home...more info to come.


Our family of five

Oct 18, 2009

Bluer than blue....

Not exactly the post I was wanting to do the night before having our sweet baby. So here's the story. I went to the hospital this afternoon to do the pre-operative stuff, admin, lab work. I proceeded to the labor and delivery unit to get the instructions there. The boys and Gav were all with me...exicted to see where they all were born...again. The lady at the reception desk informs us that no visitors, including siblings, under the age of 15 are even allowed on the floor, let alone back in the rooms or nursery area. Apparently, the CDCs recommendation to hospitals is being inforced full fledged. What does this mean? (sniffle, sniffle)
Well...it means that my boys are not going to be able to meet their new little brother until he and I are discharged from the hospital. Do I understand the precaution? YES, of course. Do I think its rational? yes...but boo. Is my whole mental plan of how this was all going to play out completely foiled? ya, pretty much. Its just another frustrated expectation thing. With plans made and arrangements in place, it has thrown a wrench into what I thought was a perfectly laid plan. So much for being a great planned c-section. Now, I just want to get in and out of that hospital so our family can all meet each other and be together. Anyhow. So for the current moment, I am bluer than blue. Sad that my really excited big brothers will only see pictures of their little brother for the first 3+ days of his life. Darn swine flu. I'm off to see what changes need to be made to my plan...

Oct 12, 2009

Thanks alot, y'all!

With only a few days left to vote...I thought posting the name options on the blog would help us break this friendly family feud about the baby's name. In stead, you all have made it ever more clear what a difficult choice we are going to have in 6 more days...yes...its only 6 DAYS away...but who's counting. So...if you have any pity or opinion or concern for this baby...speak now...please...let your voice be heard. I was counting on you women to make my choice ever more clear....instead its a tie!! a TIE!!! What the heck!!

Oct 9, 2009


Even though this is my third son...people insisted on putting on showers for the baby. Not that I am complaining...I just don't love to be the center of attention.
So a couple of weeks ago, my sister came into town and put together a close family/friends dinner shower. It was perfect...pretty low-key. And we got a bunch of cute stuff...and some awesome gift cards for us to finally put towards our car seat/stroller set. And the food at Chin's was even better than I ever remembered it was.

I didn't get any pictures so I stole this one from my sister. This was the family that came...and then there were some close friends as well. Notice...the glamorous crown I was forced to wear for it.

Then my new ward here in Sabre Springs also insisted on throwing a shower...last night. It was so fun to get to know more of the women in the ward better...and ...the gifts were so cute. They were all so generous. Although I have to reiterate...there is nothing comfortable about opening gifts in front of people...them awaiting your reactions. Hopefully I passed. The food was delicious and the desserts were PLENTIful! I am partaking all I can for the next 9-10 days until my food binge is over=)

Oct 5, 2009

It's all about the shoes...

Who doesn't love those hygenic, classy bowling shoes you get to wear as you strut down the glossy floor?? Really, they are quite hot. Shane finally fit in one of the smallest sizes...he kept saying "its my first time bowling in real shoes." True. The boys opted to go bowling for their reward for participating in the Primary program this year. We have always had to entice/bribe them to say their part in front of the congregation...usually the promised reward is Chuck E Cheese's. But they protested and wanted bowling. I say, Sweet! I am guessing there is a lot less kiddy, swine flu, random diseases in the bowling alley where I am watching all they do. (you can't be too careful 3 weeks from bringing a newborn home=) The only bummer thing was...for the first time, mommy had to sit this one out. I had to take one for Team Bob...Gav didn't want early delivery...so he banned me from playing. Really, I think he was afraid to lose to a REALLY pregnant girl=) That's why I look so planted in that pic (have I mentioned I HATE prego pics?)
Shane did fantastic with the help of a ramp and bumpers (although the bumpers were hardly bumpy, more just rollers). Christian always does well...he is at the point he hardly ever touches the bumpers now. In fact, Gav might have used the bumpers more than Christian did.

3 year old Pals

I think I have mentioned before how much we love our new neighborhood. We truly feel led to this particular spot. Our boys had immediate connections with 2 families, 2 doors down and 5 doors down, both LDS and with children (boys=) at similar ages. Shane has 2 new 3 year old pals...Sam and Jack. They are both loads of fun and balls of energy and personality. Jack appeals to Shane's inner superhero--always doting a costume of sorts. And Sam and Shane seem to rationalize so well together. Shane wishes they did not have preschool 3 days a week...because it really cuts into his pal time. But we are working on getting Shane into the same class...shortly. Moving here...was like moving on to a street with cousins...and sisters, for mommy. It has really made, yet, another transition so smooth.

Zoo Day

My niece and nephew, Kiki and Logan, and Shane at the giraffe encounter. Which is awesome but the climb up the gnarly hill...not so awesome=)
My sis, Kiki,Logan, Shane and holy prego!
My cousin Kristi and her little guy Trey. They were so fun to have with us.
The boys were making some kind of sound immitation and Kiki was being a tourist with her camera.

Oct 2, 2009

Yearly Post

I'll post something this year: 2 weekends ago was the Hurley Pro Surf Contest at Trestles in San Clemente. We camped at the beach for a couple of days near the contest and were able to watch the last full day of surfing. It was pretty sweet being on the sand right in front of all the pros. They paddled out for their heats right in front of us and everytime they went left on a wave they finished their wave right in front of us. Here are a couple of random pics that I got on my cell phone- Christian sitting down by Dane Reynolds (last year's Rookie of the Year on the World Tour) and Shane in front of Mick Fanning (last Australian World Champ). Mick ended up beating Dane in the Final. Good Times.