Oct 9, 2009


Even though this is my third son...people insisted on putting on showers for the baby. Not that I am complaining...I just don't love to be the center of attention.
So a couple of weeks ago, my sister came into town and put together a close family/friends dinner shower. It was perfect...pretty low-key. And we got a bunch of cute stuff...and some awesome gift cards for us to finally put towards our car seat/stroller set. And the food at Chin's was even better than I ever remembered it was.

I didn't get any pictures so I stole this one from my sister. This was the family that came...and then there were some close friends as well. Notice...the glamorous crown I was forced to wear for it.

Then my new ward here in Sabre Springs also insisted on throwing a shower...last night. It was so fun to get to know more of the women in the ward better...and ...the gifts were so cute. They were all so generous. Although I have to reiterate...there is nothing comfortable about opening gifts in front of people...them awaiting your reactions. Hopefully I passed. The food was delicious and the desserts were PLENTIful! I am partaking all I can for the next 9-10 days until my food binge is over=)


Erin, Danny, & Carson said...

Chins is soooooooooooooo good. I agree, opening gifts in front of people is so uncomfortable. You feel like you need to give a bag of wipes equal excitment as new stroller..."Oh I just LOVE it, Thank you soooo much..." A small price to pay for free stuff though :).

Shandra and Christian said...

I can't believe how soon baby will be here! That went really fast (for me anyway). I too am not a fan of opening presents in front of people. My brother has always said that he can see right through my reactions. Something to work on.

Sarah :) said...

That was some REALLY good food! =] I got to bring it to school the next day for my lunch...everyone was jealous! Even my teacher was trying to steal it! HA! well, i hope your shower last night was awesome, and you got a lot of cute new stuff!
Luv YA!