Sep 20, 2010

Surfed before he could crawl

Joel caught his 1st waves on a surfboard last month. He beat out his older brothers who were 4y.o.(Christian) and 2y.o.(Shane) when they caught their first waves. Oh and btw he also recently learned how to crawl since that day at the beach....I guess that's important too.

Sep 8, 2010

Mastering School...2010-2011

My 3 monkeys...all spiffed up for the 1st day!

the sibs left behind...look at that next generation of silliness!! the preschool crew...they are so stinking cute
Joel missed Christian that first day...not sure where his entertainment went...
First day of school...August 25th. Christian began 4th grade in a 4th/5th combo at Creekside. Shane...started his 1st FULL year of preschool...and his last before Kinder. It was a great day. They both were excited. Christian was excited to be at the same school for a 2nd year (that's big for us =) And Shane was stoked to have 3 of his best little buddies all in his class this year....poor Mrs. Wilder...she has her hands full! Now 2 weeks into it ...this is all turning out great. Christian is loving his teacher and class....his class has the very independent/fast learners....and he is being pushed to great levels of learning. Shane looks with eagerness for those 3 days a week at do I...I am getting back into running a little while the 2 are gone and its just me and my not-so-little baby!!

Beach weekend with AZ cousins....and WEEZER!!

what is the beach without junk food??
Oh...the beach...our second home! Look at that cute little name-sake!!
A few days before school started, my sister Denise and her family came into town for one last hoorah. And it was a blast...we made it to the beach, Christian's soccer scrimmage, more beach...and they took Shane with them to Legoland (that was so nice and Shane felt so special!) AND...the adults got to hang out together after the DEL MAR watch a live concert from WEEZER. It was rad!!! Gav and Chad loved it...and they especially loved their super cheap turkey legs too =)

Point Mugu Camp Trip-Summer 2010

(the view on my morning run...captured on my cell)
Towards the end of the summer, I was able to snag 2 spots at Point Mugu NAS for the family to go camping/RVing. And since it was 3-4 hours away from home, and I had to be there in person to check them in... the boys and I went up too. Unfortunately, Gav had a course he had to be I got to do it solo. It was fun...but not the same with our family being complete...not exactly a vacation for mom.

My observations about the spot: it was GORGEOUS in its own way. The spot we were at specifically was secluded and kind of unique with the mountains around, in our own little cove. One day was quite icky weather...but the last day was just perfect...warm and sunny. There were beached seals on the inlet...very cool to see. The water, however, was SOooo Frigid! Honestly, I don't think it was worth the 3 hour drive...because we have much better options available right in San Diego/surrounding areas. And the area is so can hardly find necessities (ie groceries) without taking a 3 hour excursion....good times!

But there were some great memories made...the boys had a blast. And we got to see yet another little pocket of beauty. The weekend included lots of fun bike bum was a little sore afterwards

Chowing on the birthday cake

The August birthday crew...we won't mark any ages Tracy =)

Joel loves the the background...Carter not sure if the water is worth the cold!
Shane trying to get warm...Sarah freezing...and Gammy "overseeing" Joel's 1st campfire...look at those big eyes =)

the campfire crew cooking up smores...before the spark caught Christian's leg with 3rd degree blisters...ouch!Bowling on base...Joel hanging with the men since Daddy couldn't come

Sep 6, 2010

Christian's ACTUAL 9th Birthday

August 7th do you forget the birth of your first child? Down to many of the details, I remember it....the chaos of Gav making it there from NY, the unexpected C-section, the first time I laid eyes on my sweet baby boy. He has been/is a dreamy first child. For so many reasons, we are so blessed to have Christian leading out as the big brother for our brood of boys (and maybe a girl someday?!) I look at him 9 years old...and am so proud of all he all ready become. And look forward to seeing him blossom even more.

Sep 5, 2010


For Christian's 9th birthday, he begged us to take him and a few friends to Magic Mountain. So we got some SUPER discounted tix and took 4 boys to Magic Mountain for the day. The boys had a blast. I have, on the other hand, decided that those rollercoaster are crazy. I think its a sign that I am getting old...they were fun but hurt my body. It was a boys' heaven for the day!!

Last time on the Zoo Passes

After a year of zooing around...our passes have now expired. We did get one last visit with the Wimmers before it was final. A day at the zoo never fails to be boring with 6 boys and a sweet princess. We definitely got our money's worth of those passes. But I think it will be a couple of years before we get those again....we got our fill for a while!

Raging Waters

WE LOVE waterparks!! A day with Shane would not be complete without an injury...this time to the chin and mouth!!

On a day away from Stanford...we took the boys to RAGING WATERS Waterpark. The boys LOVED it (and have been begging to go back ever since). It was a fun day. Joel did well. I even went a few slides with the between feeding and caring for baby.

Multiple visits to Tracy, CA

The whole fam drove out...the boys (minus Joel) went to see a movie while the shower was happening...
This time for Aunt Kristy's baby shower. I was so glad that I could be there for her night...since it is likely I won't be able to make anything else for the baby.

After Classes

While at Stanford we tried to get together with the other residents and their families...this was our turn for a BBQ/Pool time at our Residence Inn!

Steamer Lane/Santa Cruz

It was pretty chilly on the point of Steamer Lane...awesome swell coming thru though!
The surf museum at steamer lane
G$ taking on the Santa Cruz waves
Shane doing his thing?!
Paddling out with Dad My cute little surfer

As if he had a choice...but he loves the beach!!