Sep 8, 2010

Point Mugu Camp Trip-Summer 2010

(the view on my morning run...captured on my cell)
Towards the end of the summer, I was able to snag 2 spots at Point Mugu NAS for the family to go camping/RVing. And since it was 3-4 hours away from home, and I had to be there in person to check them in... the boys and I went up too. Unfortunately, Gav had a course he had to be I got to do it solo. It was fun...but not the same with our family being complete...not exactly a vacation for mom.

My observations about the spot: it was GORGEOUS in its own way. The spot we were at specifically was secluded and kind of unique with the mountains around, in our own little cove. One day was quite icky weather...but the last day was just perfect...warm and sunny. There were beached seals on the inlet...very cool to see. The water, however, was SOooo Frigid! Honestly, I don't think it was worth the 3 hour drive...because we have much better options available right in San Diego/surrounding areas. And the area is so can hardly find necessities (ie groceries) without taking a 3 hour excursion....good times!

But there were some great memories made...the boys had a blast. And we got to see yet another little pocket of beauty. The weekend included lots of fun bike bum was a little sore afterwards

Chowing on the birthday cake

The August birthday crew...we won't mark any ages Tracy =)

Joel loves the the background...Carter not sure if the water is worth the cold!
Shane trying to get warm...Sarah freezing...and Gammy "overseeing" Joel's 1st campfire...look at those big eyes =)

the campfire crew cooking up smores...before the spark caught Christian's leg with 3rd degree blisters...ouch!Bowling on base...Joel hanging with the men since Daddy couldn't come

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