Jul 4, 2010

Stanford Campus

After 2 long days of lots of travelling (ie TIME IN THE CAR) we decided to stay close to home base. We had yet to take a tour of the campus of Stanford. It is a beautiful campus. We only walked around the central campus. We have seen bits and parts of the campus on other days. And Gavin is pretty familiar with his bike route scenery and the medical school campus/hospital where his course is located. It was a great Sunday outting.

Boating with Auntie Kristy

Auntie Kristy and the boys Gav on the tube
trying to surf the tube...hmmm

HA Ha...one says speed up, the other slow down!

Joel loved the boat ride

My cute, pregnant sister in law is also from Northern California. And she happened to be in town for a little while...while my crazy brother is doing a "school" trip around the world checking out companies around the globe. Anyhow...so we made the trek inland to go boating with Kristy and her family yesterday. It was a very warm day and the water in the lake was a welcomed relief. It was Joel's first ride on a boat and mine and Shane's first tubing experience. It was a lot of fun. A big thanks to Kristy's dad Mike for taking the boys out for so much fun. Gav and Christian went out a second time and pulled out the wakeboard for some more fun.

best part of Oakland

always so reverent
where families are forever
glad to be out of the car

Visitor's center

San Fran more pics...

trying to sneak on a cable car...didn't work!
its kind of windy!
me and my buddy

happy #11

what a view

San Fran

pretty gnarly

trying to pretend there is not chocolate waiting to be purchased!

Ghiradelli Chocolate making...YUM!
Our first excursion to San Francisco with the boys was so much fun. We went there with our friends the Schmitz Family. They are both from the Bay area...so we were trying to gleen some of their knowledge of the city. They showed us the steepest street in SF...which we went up and down on...that is kind of freaky. Then we found Lombard street...and went down it twice...just for fun. Then we parked at Pier 39 and checked out the sights around there. We did not make it to Alcatraz (yet)...the ferries were all sold out for the holiday weekend. And we did not make it on a cable car...the lines were also crazy for the holiday weekend. So we will be going back for another trip. some time during our time here. It was a great way to spend our 11th wedding anniversary...being together on another adventure.

Half Moon Bay...and the adventure

The whole fam at MavericksThe boys at Venice Beach
Me and my cuties at Mavericks
Watch out for the "deadly waves at any time"

The beautiful northern coast of CA
Next to the historical Distillary...classic NoCal green coastline!

One day after Gavin finished classes at Stanford...we decided we wanted to take the kids up to see the Golden Gate Bridge. We get off on our way and see the turn-off for Half Moon Bay...we pull out the map and see we can get to our destination coastally so we turn off . We make it to Half Moon Bay. Its pretty...but where's the beach! We searched. We found a little spot called Venice Beach. Then it dawns on Gav that a big surf spot called Mavericks is up this way. We ask several locals where it is exactly...got a few different instructions...took a few wrong turns...hiked up a wrong hill...then finally found the trail to Mavericks...around the Bay. It was a little hike to get around the point...and there it was. Well, at least the rocks were. The waves were not there at the time. But from some of the local stories...its a good thing. If the real Mavericks waves were breaking...we would have been washed away. It truly is a beautiful spot!

1st day of vacation in NorCal

Ever the cool kid!
Check out Christian's skills :)
Gav hadn't started classes yet so we tried out the pool here at our little home away from home. Its awesome. Most days we are the only ones there. And the boys are in water heaven. They could play in there all day every day. And Joel loves it too. He generally sits poolside in his Bumbo chair and watches all the crazy fun!

Staying inland for the sun

Lately here in San Diego the coast has had quite the June gloom. It has been a little too cool for fun family beach days...YET! So we headed up to Gav's aunt Julie's fun pool in Temecula...for a perfectly sunny and lovely day with cousins and aunties and family and lots of water!!


This father's day was not quite what it should have been. Of course, Gav was on call! We got to make him some breakfast and wake him up with lots of loves and singing....and then off to a whole bunch of crazy patients he went. He made it back just in time to go up to north county for a family dinner...which I was making the main course for. It was a sad day at church for our boys...missing their daddy to sing to :( But luckily, Gav didn't have to see any more patients once he got home around 4pm...and we got to spend the rest of the day with family!!
PS...Happy 40th Anniversary Gammy and Papa! That is quite an accomplishment...and a great example for all of us! You two are the best Gammy and Papa!!