Nov 21, 2011

Cousin Time Part 2

Monday...I took 3 of the kids to the boys had to go to school.

Tuesday... Me and the 3 kids met up with Christian at his field trip to Cabrillo National MOnument...aka Pt. Loma Lighthouse. The kids had fun checking out the lighthouse...and then we went down to the tide pools. There was not much wildlife to see...but it was a gorgeous day and fun to check it out. Plus, we got the insider info from the State Park guys on the days to come!

Wednesday... I took my boys out of school early and we headed to the beach. It was super hot that day...a PERFECT escape day to La Jolla Shores. The kids had so much fun...they even fought to leave when we needed to at 6:30 PM....

Thursday...I needed a break... we just chilled

Friday...the boys skipped school and my dad came to help me take all 5 kids to the San Diego Zoo...since October was kids are free month (sweet deal!!). I think Joel had the best time of all...he was so fascinated by all the animals! That evening was also the elementary school's annual fall carnival..and we HAD to go...the kids won pet goldfish and got tatoos (I think De and Chad might question if they let me watch their kids again =))

Saturday...was full of dragging kids around to soccer games..Shane had one and Christian had a double header! That night De and Chad got back from Hawaii!!...and I slept REALLY well!!!!

The week of cousin time...Part 1

In October, my sister and her hubby came from AZ to spend a little time with us...and to leave their 2 kids for a week so that they could celebrate their 10 year anniversary in Hawaii. Back when I agreed to do it...I had hoped I would be pregnant...but really didn't expect to be...let alone to be 19+ weeks prego. It was a fun-filled,, exhausting, but memorable week. Saturday before they left, we rode the old Poway railroad train for a little early celebration with our train-obsessed almost 2 year old.

Family Beach Camping...turned trip to Disney

In September, whenever we can, we try and get a camping spot on the beaches of San Onofre/Trestles so that we can catch the Hurley Pro Surf Contest right there. Its been a tradition to attend since Christian was 3. We can't always make it...because of work or living somewhere far away...but our kids love the tradition! Anyhow...we planned it...and the contest ran and finished the day before we got there. Gav was we took our first day and went to Disney to lighten our spirits. And we are really glad we was a perfect Disney day...little/no lines...not too hot or cold...we all enjoyed ourselves!

The next few days we spent at the beach camping...and the boys had a blast there too. Christian spent one day surfing for so many hours, he was dehydrated and so weak...Gav was a proud daddy that day =) I think Gav is counting down until he gets to take our surf hungry boys on fun surf trips!!

Nov 20, 2011

Joel & First Day of 2011-2012 School Year

Just for journalling purposes....Joel is currently going through a phase where he falls asleep in different places, different poses, doing various things, at random times throughout the is an example of one such day: (PS...shout out to Auntie Kristy and Uncle Joe who gave Joel his "doddy"...which he LOVES!!)

This was Shane's first day of say he was excited would be a major understatement. The kid, who LOVES numbers, had been counting down days since Preschool had ended. And it was Christian's first day of 5th grade...his last year in Elementary school...this will be the only time Christian and Shane will be at the same school...sad, huh?! Christian loves being at the top of the food chain at school. And Shane, could care less where he is...he just loves school and friends and recess. Of course, Joel got in on the action too....he had his pack-pack and was ready to get off to school. So, for a few more months, its just Joel and I during the day at home doing "stuff". Joel actually loves his time one to tease him or bother his toys. Lastly, it was with a little prodding, that Gav pushed out his morning schedule and was able to make the first day of school fun...the boys were so excited. We almost NEVER have Daddy with us in the morning...its so nice!

Nov 19, 2011

Christian turns 10

Haha...half a year later... here are some pics.

He chose to have a small "party" this year...we took the family and 2 friends to Knott's Soak was fun!! The boys all loved it...and the weather cooperated. We also had a family celebration. I can't believe he is so old. He is probably the most excited of the boys...awaiting his little sister...and I think its going to be awesome!!

Nov 10, 2011

Beat the odds

These last several months have been busy, as always, with various things...some of which I have pictures for...but I have not downloaded pictures in a long a picture post is due and coming.
For case you hadn't heard, we beat the odds. After having three boys in a row in our little family.....its been confirmed several times, that our baby due at the very beginning of March is a GIRL. We are all so makes things a little more hectic in preparation for something we are very unfamiliar with and have nothing for...but we are all thrilled!!!!