Apr 29, 2008


These last 3+ weeks have been such a whirlwind of fun and celebration and craziness...hence my missing in action on the blogging board. I had a wonderful birthday...above is a pic of some of what we did. Gav took me away to San Antonio for my birthday weekend. We stayed in a beautiful hotel on the RiverWalk, ate at one of my favorite restaurants, took a 4 mile run Sat. morning along the RiverWalk, then played at Six Flags. My actual birthday was equally great just being with my little family. I was overwhelmed by the well wishes...and mostly by my sisters tribute on her blog. So, now that I am another year older, and maybe wiser...the next two weeks we went to Orlando for 8 days with Gav's whole family (which is a whole other post...to come!) and then Gav had to go back to FL for a conference. So, I have been a single mom for 6 days! He comes home tonight...and we are all a bit excited. Just keeping up on everything by myself has been quite a task. And trying to recooperate from DisneyWorld....well, that just hasn't happened quite yet. Yep, still have a half full suitcase on the floor. I am such a procrastinator unpacker...I just pull the dirty stuff out, wash it and then pull from the suitcase until I have worn the remainder of the clean....efficient?? Probably not the best approach.
Anyhow, Gav has the laptop and all the pics from Disney....so we will do a big post when he returns and I can think again!

Apr 9, 2008

Take me out to the ball game...

Its what we do at least 3 nights a week, its the white pants I am washing every other day, its the practicing in the backyard sometimes for hours on end,its the discussion of how to be good enough to play in college, its the pride in Gav's eyes when Christian chases a kid a head taller and tags him out...it's all for the love of the game!

Apr 2, 2008

I know God loves me because...

He gave me...a best friend...a shopping buddy...a playmate...a soundboard...someone who loves me unconditionally... A sister!! My sister(most affectionately called "De" in our house) and I are super close. We were born only a year and 13 days apart. We have almost always been the best of friends. As we got older and she moved away, I vividly remember being devastated thinking how do I function without my other hand. We have both since found our better halves, our hubbies...but to me she is still my female bestest friend. She continually amazes me at all she has accomplished and by the girth of her hidden strength.
She came to visit us here in TX on a surprise birthday present from her cute hubby. We had a GReat time. We shopped our little hearts out and loved just hanging out. I love that she got to see what we're all about here in Corpus. And even got to relax a bit from her usual hectic schedule.
Anyhow...Happy Birthday De...we love you soooo much!!