Apr 14, 2010

Spring Break in AZ

Last week was Spring Break for our kids here in Poway so we headed to warmer weather in Arizona to visit my sister and brother. (although...I didn't get pics with my bro's fam..bummer)
The kids had a blast swimming almost every day all day at my sister's pool. And I got to celebrate my sister's birthday with her and her friends. It was great fun. BUT the drive was a little crazy. For about 2 hours each way, Joel screamed hysterically. No fun. But we survived. And allowed Gav the time to study for his big exam to be taken this Saturday ( I cannot wait until its over!!)

Same Easter. New Location

the assistant basket hunters (the sissies)
no sissies allowed hunting
the calmer crew
joel's ladiesthe animals arrivedJoel just wanted the cellophane Here's an easy one for the little people.

Before they fell asleep

Benefits to Conference

No church clothes..mostly PJs, Conference Bingo, Candy, kick back and enjoy!

That busy Bunny

Came to our home. must have been really early. it was there when we got up. we don't have quite the yard we used to. so not as hard to find our baskets this year. thanks Easter Bunny.
"Gav can you please help Shane write a note and leave carrots for the Easter bunny"...this is what I get! I am not a morning person!
Joel's first Easter Egg!
Christian found his basket

Shane found his too!

world record

the most posts in one day. i'm almost caught up. lazy me. so much to catch up on. to post for posterity.

Early Easter cuteness

I know there was no church on Easter. I am aware we had General Conference. But Easter and Christmas are the 2 times in the year that I generally replenish my kids Sunday repertoire. So I did it anyways. Just the week prior. I just love these cute boys.

Don't let go.

Perhaps a little soon...but the training wheels came off. And he did all right. Certainly not as coordinated as his brother. But perhaps with more determination than his brother. He kept trying. But did NOT want Gav to let go of the bike. I think he eventually let it happen for few seconds. It was a great first attempt. He looks so huge. When did this happen?! Perhaps I blinked!

We love animals...just not pets!

Apparently, March was Animal Awareness month for us. We got a zoo visit and a Wild Animal Park visit within a few weeks. Have I mentioned that I love annual passes because it takes the pressure off to make a long park visit with a baby in tow=) born valentines day...look at that sweet little elephant along side its huge mommy.
Just need to get a little closer!

Thank goodness for that glass between my loud, pestering 4 year old and the hungry lion.

Got wet at the splash pad...now showing off the guns.

St. Patty's Zoo trip with Grandpa

One of Shane's favorite exhibits
A petting zoo...never knew there was one
Ended up being Grandpa and Shane's favorite spot of the day

Look at those cute bugs!!

YEAR one..Pinewood Derby

For doing no research and making most of his car the day of the event...he actually did okay...I think he got overall 4th place. He had a lot of fun. Which was obviously most important. And props to the leaders who set it all up. I have never seen the equivalent program that sets up each heat making sure all lanes are rotated and each car is raced against every boy in each lane. It was very high tech. I remember back to my brother's derby days...it took 10 minutes between each race to determine all that! The cheering section
christian and his best buddy Jacob
the derby racers

"pretty bird, oh pretty bird"

I'm sorry little birdie that you ran into my sliding glass window...which in reality is NOTHING like a Windex commercial because it is riddled with little finger prints. Nonetheless...I am glad you survived and somehow got away 10 minutes later. Because frankly, I was unsure how I was going to explain your death to my 4 year old...and Gav was on call and couldn't bury you for a long while. GOod luck in your training...of which, you obviously need much more of.

The flavor of the month


Where did these last 6 months go?

I cannot believe baby Joel is 6 months old. Time flies...even for the mommy. As he neared the 6 month mark...we tried rice cereal...which he liked. but his bowel did not. it stopped him up to the point of being uncomfortable. which was defeating the purpose....to make him fuller=more content. so we nixed the cereal for a while. then last Saturday Gav fed Joel his first baby food...carrots. which he LOVED! we're still not consistent with it...he does enjoy it when he gets it.

Apr 12, 2010

Movin on up...

Even though he is still several months from being 9...Christian has already completed and earned his Wolf. He hasn't started on his Bear yet, but he is really pumped to do the scouting requirements. I love that Gav and Christian get into it together...whenever we have down time they pull out the book and see what fun thing they can pass off together.

Who needs a holster?

When you have underpants????