May 26, 2009

Renewed Faith in America and California

With today's Supreme Court decision in California, voting so predominately in favor of upholding Proposition 8 and the voters voice in the matter...I have found a renewed faith in our judicial system and in the righteous will of good Americans. As we are readying ourselves to move back to CA, I will not deny we have had some hesitations on moving back to a state that has been so liberal minded and has continually moved down a path of less-than-moral lifestyles. Especially after having lived in the South, especially TX. Although not prime location or perfect, we have loved living where our children have been taught respect, love for our country, good old-fashioned values, and where moderation and conservative thinking is honored and well-loved. In FL, when Christian sang "God Bless America" the first month we lived there...I realized how liberal CA really was. There is little hope he would have been taught anything with the word "God" in it at a public school in California.
Anyhow-- I am just very glad that our judges in CA heard the voice of the people...not the angry minority...and have upheld God's most important institution...the family...with a father and a mother. What a huge success for good!

May 21, 2009


I think its pretty apparent that Shane idolizes his big brother. When Shane was running around with the uniform was more evident how much the 2 boys look alike...definitely brothers.

May 18, 2009

Excuse #359

Reason for not posting: I keep forgetting my camera at all the family things we keep doing. Lame, I know. Maybe I need a smaller/more compact camera that I can keep in a pocket in my purse evermore. Because really...does anyone want a post without pics...rarely! (except maybe my friend Jen that has one of the funniest blogs I have ever read!!)

May 8, 2009

SIKE!...strike that, reverse it!

After letting school out on Monday the kids thought they were in for a nice vacation. But by late Tuesday afternoon, the school district had again followed the ever-changing CDC's guidelines...and decided to reopen schools on Thursday, as in yesterday. Christian was momentarily bummed....but is over it now. He really did enjoy the 2 days off. We got to go to the pool a bunch. And this way, we didn't have to pull him out of school on Wednesday to go up to San Antonio for an ear check-up ( our last one). Christian got the final okay that once we get to CA, he can go in the water.
Less than 3 weeks left here in Texas...

May 4, 2009

Mr. Independent...oh,and schools out!

Today we went to the gym. As a side note, before we went, we attempted to take Shane to go #2, because he said he had to go. But...he couldn't...wasn't ready, I dunno! So...we get him into Kid's Club and go work out (that's funny because my work outs are quite pathetic these days). We come back an hour later to pick him up. The girls at Kids Club inform me that Shane went "potty" on his own and that she had offered to help him wipe but he said he could do it himself. So, I chuckle to myself. He has NEVER done it by himself....and can only imagine what that looked like inside the bathroom. I ask him if he went poo-poo all by himself and he nods and walks away as if to say " of course, Mom! No chick's going to wipe my bum." Anyhow. I expected to find some serious skid marks on his undies. But upon seems as if there is none. My conclusion: either he had a clean one....or he really wiped! Either way...big step for a big boy! I just dread the day its big and gross and he "tries" to do it himself...and I get to clean up the aftermath.

On another random Christian is home for 9 days from school. They have officially shut down our entire School District because of the Swine Flu. Which, for the record, I think is so over hyped! a pregnant mama--maybe its better for us to steer clear anyhow. Christian is totally stoked. He is looking forward to making up for the Spring Break he got gypped on because he had ear surgery. It's nice we have a fun pool here at "home" now...and the beach 2 minutes away. He is diving into Harry Potter, know, to keep his intellectual skills in order=) My only worry/ I hope they don't try to make them make up some of that time. I don't think that's possible.....and we cannot anyhow...we have to leave anyhow. So...thanks Swine Flu for Spring Break-Take 2!!