May 29, 2008

Wiggle it...just a little bit...

We wiggled it and I might have done a quick YANK...then Christian played with it a lot. It was quite an exciting but anxiety-filled time. Christian did NOT want to finish first grade without having lost at least one'on, the rest of the kids had! One final yank...and Christian's shocked look made it evident that the long covetted lost tooth had ARRIVED. It must have also given him extra batting power for his baseball playoffs. He had a much improved game once that tooth was gone.

On the flip the same time....our little garbage disposal, Shane, was eating so poorly. Not really eating much of anything, pushing away all of his favorites. All to my discovery yesterday...that he had GAINED 3 new molars. Now that they have broken through the gums...he is back to his hungry little self. And is relatively more content without the painful teething. Who would have known?? I just figured he was putting himself on a diet!!

May 21, 2008

No Mo-Mo Idol

For my fellow Idol fans, tough break for our buddy David Archeleta. He is SUCH a talented guy and seems super unfeigned by Hollywood. Hopefully he makes some success of all this, regardless of the outcome. Pretty cool that a Mormon teenager pulled off a 2nd place in a reality show! Probably because it didn't involve drinking, improprieties or being next to naked!
Now...we move on to Christian's favorite show...So you think you can DANCE!!
...Shawna out!!

May 18, 2008

Beach to Babe

My Cheering section at the end of my length

5 of 6 of the Team...not the best but its all I have!

Saturday was a beautiful day here in Corpus...slight breeze, low 70s, mix of sun and clouds...a perfect day to RUN. A bunch of girlfriends from our ward and I ran the Beach to Bay Relay Marathon. It was a total marathon length, broken up into 6 legs. I ran the 4.8 mile length from the front of the Air Station to the back gate of the Air Station. It was such a neat experience to have with our new friends here in Corpus. And, I have to mention, I did run a personal best for races. I am NOT a speed runner. So my 7.9 min/mile was definitely a record. Plus, it was my longest race so far. Thus far, I have been perfectly content with 5Ks. It seems my next feat will probably be a 10K...maybe after the summer heat is over I can look for a fun location!

So- thanks ladies for making a fun memory!

As a side note...we forgot our camera (of course) so the only pics we have are from our cell phone cams with great quality...but they're better than nothing!

May 13, 2008

Worth the wait...

Our latest trip took us home to SAN DIEGO, where we got to attend the wedding of one of our best friends, JIMMY (aka Small Hammahhh). Thanks to our friends, the Barnes, we were able to go kid-free. It was such a touching day to spend with Jim and Whitney. Gav even got to surf a bit and I got to run in my hometown, Carlsbad, on the sea wall. You just cannot beat that scenic run! And although I didn't get to spend Mother's Day with my kiddos, it was worth the sacrifice to be there on such a long-waited event. And now that Jim is married (did I mention he is the last of the surf crew to FINALLY tie the knot) maybe surf trips will be a little more spouse/family friendly. Then, again, what am I thinkin'!!

May 12, 2008

Year of a Million Dreams...

This year has already been a grand treat of many fun things...our trip to Orlando was truly magical! Does it get much better than Disney, family and beautiful weather?!

We met all Gav's family there in Orlando where we stayed at Orange Lake Resort(thanks to Gav's parents). It was an awesome set up where we all stayed in 2 HUGE 3-bedroom condos.

Our schedule went like this:

Day1- travel to FL

Day2-had to try and re-issue our thrown out tix (disney was SOOooo accommodating)... then a full day of MAGIC Kingdom

Day3- Animal Kingdom

Day4- Relaxed at the Resort and enjoyed all the amenities...lazy river, multiple pools, gym...

Day5- Hollywood Studios

Day6-Epcot- WARNING: I made the mistake of closing my eyes on MISSION SPACE- a flight simulator mixed with G-force spins....not such a wise choice. I was a bit green!

Day 7- MAGIC KINgdom Take 2...we split the big group and went on some of the smaller rides for Shaney. Then met up at Rainforest Cafe for a Finale dinner, where I kids fit in quite well with the local animal noises!

Day 8- Played at the pool until we left for the airport.

So, Gav flew with us until Houston, then I took the boys on the last leg of the trip while he turned around and went back to FL (Ft. Lauderdale this time) for an ophthalmology conference. After all of the exhausting fun in Orlando, I got to pull us all back together to get back into normal life.

We had been to Disney World twice previously and I have to admit I was a little less than enthusiastic about making yet another trip, in a year's time. But,I have to admit, this was a trip my children will remember for a lifetime. To get to spend 8 Magical days with their cousins and grandparents was truly priceless (okay, actually quite priceY but well worth every penny). I also have to admit that I was a little nervous about being in such a large group for an extended period of time....and I was so pleased to have walked away with such positive memories of the trip. We love our family and miss being close to them while we pay our dues to a medical career. Hopefully, this trip was a good bridge to close the gap our kiddos sometimes feel between all the fam, that get to see each other all the time, and us, who have lived various places outside of sweet home SAN DIEGO.