Jun 30, 2010

Closing Ceremonies

One last little league shout out for the season. We'd never been to a closing ceremonies before but it was great closure to the season. And truthfully, we would have likely not gone if Christian's coach hadn't insisted that he needed to be there. When we got there, we found out that Christian had been given the Sportsmanship Award for his team and he was one of only 7 that got it. Its much more impressive than the twinkie medal they got for the playoffs. So he was excited. We are proud of him for his hard work and he really did keep a good head on his shoulders for the most part...especially when it really looked like his team was the Bad News Bears. Hopefully this next year of baseball will a great learning and stretching experience for him...he may be a little humbled by what he is up against next. But that's good ;)

Piano Recital with Miss Erika

What a wonderful surprise it was when I found out my girlfriend, Erika, had started teaching piano lessons. With her only living about 5-8 minutes away, it was a perfect match. And Christian does have a soft-spot for cute ladies...so of course, he does everything she tells him and tries harder than normal to impress her. She planned an adorable recital with the theme "A Night at the Movies". The students presented pieces from various movies, old and new. Christian performed "Scooby-Doo Theme". He did great. I have to admit...that only a few weeks prior I had SERIOUS doubts that he could even get through it, let alone make it recital worthy. But, with school and baseball ending, we were able to dedicate more time to it. And Christian really pulled it out in the last week. He really does have so much natural talent for music. He fights me on it...but I feel like this is one thing I really want him to be able to do. I know I am glad to have the ability. As an adult, I have found it a peaceful release and a great source of service. Anyhow...Erika's recital was so perfectly put together...with the refreshments matching the whole theme. She just does not believe in doing anything half-way. She is such a gem!

Long lost PALS

Kind of a lame picture and sad that its the only one I got while they were here...but better than nothing. Its proof that we FINALLY got Ben and Shirley, our best friends from Texas, to come visit us here in San Diego. Its a perfect setup with Shirley's hubby working for Southwest...she flew Ben out to us, she flew back to UT to help out there, and then she came back on Friday to play for a short while ( I venture to say it was too short...but I will take what I can get ;)) and then flew back with Ben. Christian and Ben had the best time together. It was as if no time had passed at all...they jumped back into their games and imaginations. Its always sad to leave good friends...but I love when you become close enough that time and distance does not seperate your friendship. Shirley and I sat and caught up for hours on end...and I remembered to good ole' days in Corpus. Thanks for coming to play with us ...come again soon!!!!

Jun 29, 2010


Last day of school at Creekside, meant the neighborhood boys of Morningside were ready for their annual summer buzz cuts. Instead of paying some salon major dinero to buzz the boys, I opened Shawna's salon on my driveway with my clippers, scissors, big trash can and cape. I wish I had the before picture of these boys. There were some pretty impressive mops on those heads before. Alas...here are some of the in-betweens and the final mug shot. Shane, of course, was opposed to the great buzz off. I guess it sounded creepy to him. So instead, he just wanted a hair cut (he got a buzz too).

Homefield Advantage...

oops...look what happened to our bobble head!
7th inning stretch

Joel's first trip to Petco Park!

cousins are the best
While Denise and Chad and family came into town for Memorial Day (and my first half marathon) we had two major victories....first we FINALLY made it to a Padres game with them (they are always sold out when we try to go). AND we finally provided a mostly sunny, nice weekend so Chad can stop challenging the fact that San Diego is the best city in the nation!!

Pulled it out in the last month...

Boy...are we gonna miss these two. please don't sell...please don't sell!!
waiting...quite happily...outside space mountain.

SIDE NOTE: Look, this is Joel's first solo ride. YEP...you heard me right. The safety genius' at Disney think its a better idea for my 6 month old baby to sit (which he couldnt even do at the time) on his own than have him in my lap. So...here he is next to me...slipping out as we swing...quite rapidly...over water many feet below us. WOW! Disney needs to re-think that idea!

look at those cuties!

The last couple weeks of our Disney passes...we made sure we got our money's worth. And we finally made it there with our buddies the Wimmers. We still haven't convinced the Birds they should come with us (maybe when we get passes again ;)) It was such a fun day...and exhausting...and complete...with Cafe Rio being our final stop on the ride home. WOO HOO.

Scouting fun...

Let's be honest, generally our pack meetings are a bit over the top. of course, the boys love it that way. this one was no different...just a lot of games...which were a lot of fun for the boys. It was "a minute to win it"...in various forms. Very clever!

Jun 24, 2010

Chase Headley #7...

Christian has a new twin....Chase Headley on the MLB Padres....also #7...also fourth batter in the line-up...also short-stop! We had such a fun Little League season...being the home town PADRES and being on the same team as our best buddies, the Wimmers. What started out looking like the bad news bears...came back to end up clinching 3rd place in the play-offs. Our team finally hit their stride and a lot of the boys really grabbed on to what the coaches have been trying to teach them. Great Job Chase..err, I mean...Christian=)!!

LOVE love my Activity Day Girls

My new (ish) calling here in the Sabre Springs Ward is to work with the 8-11 year old Activity Day Girls. They are so adorable and fun to work with. It really is a sweet calling...1 hour, 2 Mondays a month...not a bad deal. I do, however, have to ammend my initial thought that girls are so much more mellow than boys. These girls have so much energy...and are at least as loud as the many neighborhood boys that are regularly at my house. Having all boys isn't all that bad=)

Disney Connections...

A little while back we hit Dland with my friend, Tatum. We had so much fun. Thank goodness she had her Disney connections, aka her hubby Sammo, because I didn't even look at my passes to see it was a blackout date...DOH! It was a gorgeous day and it was so fun to hit the parks with Tatum...who knows them backwards and forwards. We really seemed to utilize our time. Thanks Tates!! Let's do it again soon!!

Jun 23, 2010

Just for kicks...

i should do a little post just to get my blogging juices flowing and hopefully get back in the groove....and catch up with the MANY end of the school-year activities.

Mom's and Muffins with Shane's Preschool Class

Shane's present for me...a Shaney Flower pot

I can't believe I am posting this...Mother's day morning, breakfast in bed...bedhead and all!! (its the only pics I have of mother's day)