Jun 30, 2010

Long lost PALS

Kind of a lame picture and sad that its the only one I got while they were here...but better than nothing. Its proof that we FINALLY got Ben and Shirley, our best friends from Texas, to come visit us here in San Diego. Its a perfect setup with Shirley's hubby working for Southwest...she flew Ben out to us, she flew back to UT to help out there, and then she came back on Friday to play for a short while ( I venture to say it was too short...but I will take what I can get ;)) and then flew back with Ben. Christian and Ben had the best time together. It was as if no time had passed at all...they jumped back into their games and imaginations. Its always sad to leave good friends...but I love when you become close enough that time and distance does not seperate your friendship. Shirley and I sat and caught up for hours on end...and I remembered to good ole' days in Corpus. Thanks for coming to play with us ...come again soon!!!!

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