Jul 28, 2008

Back to Paradise...

We needed a little break from the Corpus radius...and the boys needed some cousin time...so we are here in San Diego for another week and a half. We have a lot of things going on in the near future and wanted to have a little fun before things get busy with every day concerns. Not that anyone ever needs a reason to come home and enjoy heaven on Earth!
We do miss Gav. He stayed to brave the hurricane and his patients. But will get to come out on Wednesday. Although, he will be busy with his responsibilities...it will be so nice to see him! I miss him for SOOooooo many reasons.
We'll definitely post once we return to reality.

Jul 11, 2008

Little Rascals...

Really, these photos speak for themselves...
With another "brotha" to add to the mayhem, here's the jump from the top rope on to the couches...(yes, a slight injury ended the fun..of course!)
Definitely watching too much "Cheese Jerky" Hannah Montana episodes!!! (oops...is that a family secret that my boys enjoy watching Hannah Montana?!)

Fourth of July in TX...

Now officially our second 4th of July here in Texas...and like the last...it was rainy and dreary. So while it rained outside, we enjoyed a yummy pancake breakfast, a bike/scooter parade (which Christian mistook for a BMX bike race...and somehow managed not to kill anyone in his stunts),
some friendly volleyball....THEN the day went on and it actually cleared up....so off to the beach we went. Met a bunch of friends there for bonfire and grub. We were treated to a beautiful FULL rainbow in the skyline off the gulf. Then we skillfully made it to a cute little grassy knoll, kind of far from the immediate action, just in time for the fireworks...Now it wasn't our childhood memory of the 4th....but we are learning to adapt to our new surroundings. And in the meantime, also learning that flexibility makes life adventurous and fun. Not to say we did not truly miss our family on yet another holiday away!!

Learning to Multi-Task

Just a quick glimpse into a new summertime tradition. When naptime approaches and Shane is unwilling to cooperate, he frequently calls "Broba"...to be translated "Brother". Thinking that Christian is going to be able to manipulate the mom into allowing Shane to skip naptime magically. So instead, I capitalized on the situation and allowed Christian to participate in the process of getting our stubborn Shane to take a much needed nap. The result, as you can see, was that I got my 6 year old to read a whole book and my 2 year old to fall asleep. SWEET!! Too bad more parenting problems can't be solved that way...a two-for-one deal!!

Jul 2, 2008

For all eternity...

THEN (July 1999)

NOW ( April 2008)
9 YEARS...Has it really been that long? It feels like yesterday...and I still feel like a newlywed. I am still living my fairytale ending...Disney's got nothin' on what we've got. Gav~ the following poem explains it all. I love you forever!!

Thank You For Being You ~ poetry by Paula Finn

One of the greatest gifts of our relationship is the comfort of knowing I can always be myself with you, and you will accept me for being just that. With you, I never have to laugh when I feel like crying, Or be quiet when I need to talk, Or stay calm when I feel like getting upset, Or sound positive when I need to complain. The greatest comfort is the knowledge that when I need a friend... I never have to be alone. In sharing our fears, we become bolder. In sharing our losses, we become richer. In sharing our mistakes, we become wiser. In sharing ourselves, we become closer. Our lives were meant to be shared. It's so comforting to share the events of my day with you- The little things I know you'll find funny, or touching, or interesting, Only because they happened to me. You know when I need your help or advice, And when I just need to know that you care. It's not often that we feel safe enough with another person to shed our defenses, And to risk being completely ourselves- To show them they are important in our life, And that we would be so much less without them. I NEED YOU... And I trust you enough to tell you. You listen to me without judging, You support me without pressuring, You appreciate me as I am without comparing me to what I am not. You encourage me in my goals and dreams, And validate my struggles to fulfill them... You are so easy to talk to so easy to feel close to, And so easy to love. Your support has deepened my self-confidence, Your humor has brightened my outlook, And your encouragement has brought me closer than ever to my dreams. Always, you've been there to listen, to understand... And to help me grow. Your support adds so much to my life. You share my joy as if it were your own. You feel my pain and you cry with me. Thank you for understanding me, accepting me, and loving me as I am. It sounds so simple but it means so much to say- I feel comfortable with you. I don't have to worry about how I look to you, Or sound to you, Or what you're going to think about me when I'm not around. I don't have to rehearse or analyze our conversations- When we talk, I can relax. I feel comfortable around you. It sounds so simple...but it means so much. You know when I want to be serious; You know when I need to be playful. When I'm with you I am free to express my true mood. If I am not feeling happy, or positive, or energetic, I don't have to act or pretend that I am. You support my goals, while accepting my faults. You love the person I am. Your accepting nature has helped me to treat others and myself more gently. You concentrate on my good points while overlooking my flaws, And you can always find something in me to praise. You are so thoughtful. You give me much more than is expected, And you expect much less than you deserve. You are strong enough to admit your weaknesses, Brave enough to express your fears, Free enough to laugh and human enough to cry. My life is enriched in so many ways by your presence, For in you I have found the friend I've always wanted... And the love I'll always need. Together, we've laughed and cried, Shared sunshine and storms... We've celebrated carefree days, And helped each other through the long troubled nights. Your support has made my triumphs more meaningful, And my losses easier to bear. I will praise you when you win, And share your pain if you lose... Always, I will accept you for who you are And not for how much or little you achieve. I will strive to bring out the best in you while forgiving your faults. I won't expect perfection in either of us. In the tomorrows we share, I pray that I can be sensitive to your needs, Understanding of your concerns, Patient with your mistakes, And comforting of your pain... That I can give as much of myself as you need... And all the love that you deserve. With you life is exciting. With you I can be myself. With you I feel appreciated. With you I have fun. With you I am happier than I have ever been. Thank you for being you.