Nov 13, 2012

Our boys are back

Out of necessity, we had to be seperated from our boys for a few weeks as we moved across the country and searched for a place to live. It was hard...but it was definitely better than torturing them through all the things we had to do within that time frame. We finally got them back in the middle of July...the first thing they wanted to do was check out our "new" beaches. They found some pretty profound differences...some good, some not so great....they LOVE, love the warm water. They miss good surfing and boogieboarding waves...there are waves here...just very inconsistently. With warm water, comes new wildlife...the kids wanted nets and snorkels to check it all out. They water is pretty and clear.

Four of July...farewell party

This was a bittersweet day for us. We were so grateful that many of our friends and family came to hang out at the beach on the 4th...since it was our last day in San Diego. It was not the best beach fact, it was darn cold. But it was fun to spend time with everyone.
 Camille chilling with her McEwan girlie cousins.
 Daddy and Joel watching the fireworks by the bonfire
 the bros deciding when to brave the cold water with little waves
my girlie's first fireworks