Nov 30, 2009

More pics, less talk (Gav style).......

Shane bit the dust at the bowling alley 4 stitches to prove it
Joel's Baby blessing outfit

Joel's Baby blessing Day Nov 22nd at the Pomerado Bldg, Poway Stake
Brothers on Blessing Day

Mommy, Daddy and Baby on Blessing Day


The real thing

Nov 27, 2009

this year i am most thankful for...

i was thinking yesterday...and didn't have time to post....
that i am especially thankful this year for...
not only does it provide for our family, it has made the growth and sustaining of our family possible. without modern medicine, we would likely not have any children...or if we were able to get pregnant, i and the babies would not survive without modern surgeries and medications. our last little miracle made this blessing ever more real for us as we saw first hand what medicine can do...when our bodies lack the ability to do it for themselves. and how modern medicine has been tried and tested to protect us and help us.
i am grateful for relastionships and friendships that have been renewed and restored over the last little bit. love definitely heals wounds.
i have not always known what this is...until i met my gavin. he has made me a believer that it exists, here on earth. i am so grateful for him. And for a Father in Heaven who sends his love always. and for the love i now feel for my boys...for the good and bad...i hope they will always know how much their mommy loves them.

Nov 25, 2009

So limited I might starve!

HELP!! There is an underlying story, see below, that describes the reasoning for this DIET limitation I have to try. Long story, very short...its for the baby!
But I am in DIRE need of my blogging friends' help. As of Friday I have to follow these dietary restrictions:
NO dairy
NO soy
NO eggs
NO nuts
NO wheat
NO fish
NO citrus (including tomatoes)
This means any of those or any food that has them as an ingredient or derivative. question is....what in the world CAN I eat? I know I have friends with health limitations that have experienced things like please send me some suggestions.

Nov 24, 2009

We don't like Dr's THAT much!

Yesterday proved to be less of a Thanksgiving "vacation" than we had all hoped. It started out pretty mild...trying to get all 3 boys ready and out the door to head up to north county for my post-partum appt (to get clearance=)) I am still "remembering" how much extra time I have to allot for Joel's extra feedings before we head off anywhere. So we were running behind and hurrying ourselves up to Gammy's house for the older 2 boys. We dropped and ran. Joel and I made it to my appt. He was already fussy by the time I got into my room. I guess I have to preface that fussy comment by mentioning that he has developed an awful cholicky demeanor over the last week and a bit...keeping us up for hours at night and fussing CONSTANTLy from late afternoon until the morning...generally just not content unless eating, sleeping or being held and bounced. Back to the OB's office, so I had my appt with Joel crying the WHOLE time...not so informative or effective. But its done. Back to Gammy's house to get the other 2 boys so she can do her thing. I text Gav on the way to let him know Joel was super fussy and that I had gotten yet another jaundice comment about him. Long story short...I now have an acute pediatric appt across the county down at Balboa...which they want me to hurry to. All 3 boys back in the car for a trip to Daddy's work. THANKFULLY Gavin's afternoon schedule had opened wide up...and he was able to help me with the 3 crazies in the hospital. * side note: when we got to the medical center, they had H1N1 flu mists available so while I checked Joel into his appt, Gav got the 2 older boys their swine flu shot...Check that off my list! Back to we got into see a very thorough, great Dr. We had gone in with the worries of Jaundice, Cholic and his underlying kidney issue. The doctor patiently listened and without hesitation diagnosed Joel with GER (Acid Reflux). It made sense...and I had already thought that was a possibility....but it was great to have an explanation for my grumpy baby. And the jaundice...well, he says that just takes a little longer to clear up when a baby is breastfed. one of the things we have to determine for Joel, I have to go on a crazy very limited diet for at least 10 days to see if it helps with his Reflux issue. (see the next post for details!)
With Joel diagnosed, we got his medicine and headed home. That night for FHE we had promised to take Shane bowling as a reward for not sucking his fingers/picking nose for a whole week (which, trust me, is a HUGE accomplishment). We were having a grand ole' time at Poway Fun Bowl...when Shane tripped on Gav's shoe and falls face down on the hard wood floor....splitting his chin open. Yep, you guessed it. He had a gaping wound to the chin that took Gavin and Shane back down to the hospital for yet another visit...and 4 stitches (that somehow are now only slipped out!). Our FIRST accident stitches with the boys...but with 3 boys...I am sure not the last!!

Nov 16, 2009

Salute to our Heroes-Veteran's Day '09

We decided to utilize Gavin's day off of work and Christian's day out of school on Veteran's Day and SeaWorld's Tribute to Heroes get-in-to-the park free once a year offer. It really wasn't too bad. The weather was surprisingly pleasant and not overly crowded. It was a bit more walking than I think I should have tried...but nothing the day after resting couldn't fix. Joel loved his trip to SeaWorld...he saw the nursing rooms, his eyelids and perhaps the inside of the sit-n-stand stroller. But the other 2 boys had a blast. And the best part...we spent exactly $12 for parking...and didn't spend a single more cent. It was a bargain! And on Veteran's day...I got tingles and tears as the Shamu trainer began the "Believe" Shamu show with a tribute to the members and families of the United States military. As he asked the active duty military to stand and Gavin arose, my heart welled with pride and a sense of reality. Although he has never encountered war, he does serve the country each and every day he treats members and families of the Navy. And as he sacrifices his own wants to obey the needs and demands of the US Navy. And I also looked forward warily for the day he may have to venture to a hazardous duty. God Bless America!!

the boys gingerly touching the Manta Rays
The Shark encounter
Shamu Stadium

The Shane-friendly rides=)

Another October Birthday...

I am sure I have mentioned before that October is a crazy month of birthdays for both of our families....I know, nice work adding to the mayhem!
Gav's birthday was 10 days after Joel was born. So, to say the least, he had a pretty lame birthday. In fact... half of his intended gifts were things I told him to go help himself to...which he still hasn't done and is trying to put on his Christmas list now. Luckily Gav's mom was here and made sure he at least got one of his favorite meals for his birthday dinner. I went to bed that night feeling bad that his birthday was not the festive, fun, spoil-the guy kind of day that we usually try and make. SIL made me feel better by reminding me that I did just give him "the best present ever" and something he can't get without my help...a sweet little baby boy that will adore him like his other 2 little shadows.
And with that...I just want to put a quick shout out to a commemoration of the day he came to this world...I cannot think of anyone I admire and love more than this man. He is truly everything I and the kids could ever need or want. I am so lucky to have found him and married such an amazing partner and best friend. Happy Belated Birthday G!!

Halloween 2009

Daddy and our little Giraffe (I didn't get a pic with all of the kids together=( )
I have given into the thought that I may be at least 2 weeks behind on blogging for a while...

So... Halloween....although I did not personally participate in most of the festivities...I think it was a success. The kids seemed to be happy and content with it all. Friday morning (the 30th) Christian's school had their annual Costume parade and class party...which Gammy was happy to stand in for me and take Shane to. That evening the school also had its Festival. Gammy was kind enough to take the boys to that as well...since Gavin was on call all Halloween weekend. Saturday...Gavin was on call so Gammy and Papa had planned on taking the kids trick-or-treating here in our cute neighborhood. Luck would have it that the weekend was relatively eye emergency free....and Gavin really only had to go into the hospital a few times. But we were really relieved to have great grandparents that were more than willing to make sure the boys didn't get forgotten for the holiday. Joel and I made it trick or treating for a few homes...then we hit our max and came home to pass out candy for a little while. Surprisingly, Joel even fit mostly into his costume. And...BOY was I glad I had worked out all the costume details ahead of giving birth...there is no way I would have been in the frame of mind nor energy to do any last minute costume decisions. are some pics of the fun...Gammy and Papa and Shane at our spooky house
Shane and his buddy Jack (aka Batman)
Christian's neighborhood friends on the candy hunt
Our YODA"What the heck are we doing mom?"

Our short Halloween walk....Joel loved it!

Nov 5, 2009

2 week update...

I promise more pics are coming...soon
I just wanted to post Joel's 2 week stats from his well-visit on Monday so I don't forget:
weight: 7 lbs. 3 oz (that means he's past his birth weight and technically could sleep for as long as he wants...unfortunately, he has succumbed to the 3 hour wake schedule)
height: 20 1/4 in....again...that means he grew 2 1/4 inches in 2 weeks...that's crazy!
head circum: 14 in (i think...i wasn't really watching that measurement very closely)

Its amazing how one little person can send so much joy and so much chaos to one family. We are so thrilled...and so the same time. Like everything else in my life, I am trying to absorb the cuteness of this newborn stage and not wish it away too quickly....all the while, remembering that things do get easier/better once the dust settles.

Here's a pic for the road...