Feb 27, 2008

So what's new?!

I love when people start a phone conversation like that...especially since I don't usually have a life-altering answer...usually the same old thing. Having said that...I thought I'd throw some non-eventful pics of our recent same old.

The only real new thing in our life...is that Christian started baseball. After much deliberation between Gav and I, we decided to play him up to the level above his age group. Baseball seems to be his strongest sport....and we thought he'd do well playing with a bit older boys that will challenge his skills. And he's pretty pumped to be playing on the Boston Red Sox...only because they are current champs...any other day he would say Yankees or Padres.

A little boys heaven, back of Daddy's truck FULL of rocks

Shane's version of dress-up

Thawing out on the warm concrete after Gav LET them
help him "water" the fertilized grass...hmmm!

Feb 25, 2008

Book tag...oxymoron!

For those of you who know me well, you know that reading is generally not one of my hobbies. Although at times in my life, it actually has- shocking, I know! So my friend Lacey tagged me with a book tag with the following rules...I adapted it to the reading that occurs here in our home...the arms-reach-SURFER magazine. Pitiful, I realize, but it is the literature of choice (other than the scriptures, of course~):

1. Pick up the nearest book (with at least 123 pages)
2. Turn to page 123
3. Find the 5th sentence
4. Post the next three sentences
5. Tag 5 people

Book: SURFER Magazine March 2008 issue

"Those are harsh lessons to learn as a parent," says Dino. "When you get caught in the moment, you're not always putting things in perspective. The biggest challenge for me--as a dad-- is not worrying about the latest opportunity, or the next one, because he's not me...."

Pretty deep for a surfer mag, ya?!

Ok- I tag: Denise, Debbie, Kristi,Taryn (oo-you'll love this one!) and AJ
Happy Monday!

Feb 18, 2008

its a fad...can i list 100??

Everyone's doing it...and its not drugs...so I suppose I could try. It is so enlightening to read others' "100 things you never knew about me"...Here goes nothing:
1) I was born in UT...(but moved to Cali at age 2 so I consider myself a Californian girl)
2) I am a night person...beware of mornings with me!
3) I was born on Federal Tax day in the 80s.
4) I used to be a huge Pittsburgh Pirates fan ( don't ask?)
5) I was engaged on Christmas Day when I was 18.
6) I have likely seen every episode of ER ever made
7) I do not care for fruit salads or mixed foods of types...certain things should not be mixed together.
8)I have PCOS and yet am a baffling case for most Drs.
9) I have an average fear of heights...the nose-bleed seats at Qualcom Stadium FREAK me out.
10) I hate bananas
11) I've lived in NY, FL, CA, UT and now TX.
12) I don't care for houswork.
13) I usually enjoy cooking or baking
14) I have no middle name because my parents thought I would take my maiden name as a middle name when I got married...ya, I was kind of ready to be done with my last name.
15) I am moving to Australia if Hilary becomes President- anyone in??
16) I watch way too much reality tv of sorts.
17) I once had to sue someone for sexual harrassment.
18) My 10 year high school reunion is this year.
19) I went to school with Taylor (Autumn Reeser) on "The OC"
20) I love most music...excluding mo-tab and most classical
21) I was on Letterman...ok, it was for one milli-second...but i waited in the cold to be in the audience.
22) I am allergic to all cats and horses and some dogs.
23) I used to nanny for a family of 5 children.
24) I was married in the San Diego Temple, by my grandfather.
25) I still bite my fingernails.
26) Back in high school, I ditched school and went to be on "The Price is Right"...my friend got on and got to the showcase showdown.
27) My first date with my now-hubby went like this: morning temple trip, breakfast at dennys, trip to Rosarito, Mexico, dinner at the Oceanside Pier and a movie.
28) My husband and I finish each other's sentences.
29) I am a hopeless romantic...
30)I love surprises and love stories and flowers and candles.
31) I really would love to go to cosemetology school some day.
32) I love Math...it was always my best subject.
33) I do not care for Language and Social Studies.
34) I loved living near Manhattan...the shopping, recreation, entertainment...
35) I miss all the friends I have moved away from over the years and many travels.
36) I am pretty strong willed
37) I am initially very shy and quiet but open up when warmed up.
38) I am HORRIBLE at remembering people's names.
39) I often plan for the worst and hope for the best
40) Because of 39, some misunderstand me as pessimistic.
41) I almost always wear makeup, of sorts.
42) My favorite music artist is Jack Johnson.
43) My first real concert was to see Jack Johnson, GLove & Special Sauce, and Donovan Frankenreiter...awesome!
44) I went to BYU for 1 semester...and found that was enough UT for me.
45) I am so very impatient...I want things yesterday.
46) My sister and I are only 1 year and 13 days apart...and she's my best girlfriend.
47) I cannot remember the last real book I read.
48) I hate snakes and spiders.
49) I love to travel and have an endless list of places I would love to go.
50) I would love to serve a mission some day...since I got married before I could.
51) Growing up in SoCal has made me a weather snob...I love to be warm, but not too warm and cold to snuggle but not frozen or blizzard-like.
52) I love clothes...but rarely get to shop these days.
53) I am going to run Beach to bay with my girlfriends.
54) I love to look at blogs to see how many degrees of seperation there are between me and someone I might know.
55) My favorite Broadway show is Wicked.
56) I have over 60 cousins on one side of my family.
57) I graduated with 2 of my cousins and 1 second cousin.
58) I have a food intolerance to MSG.
59) I sometimes have dreams that are so real, it takes me a whole day to figure out if they are real life or not.
60) Someday I would love to learn the guitar.
61) I like to camp on the beach but not in the forrest or dirt.
62) On my first time learning to surf, I got up and rode the wave in.
63) In high school, I was in showchoir, the aerobics team and the school newspaper.
64) I love playing sports, especially volleyball.
65) I moved to New York the week before September 11th.
66) I am not a fake person; I have a hard time pretending to like something or someone if I don't.
67) I name associate...meaning I cannot name my children a name that reminds me of someone hiddious.
68) I have never had a cavity...thanks to good genes and Uncle Mark!
69) I tend to compare myself to others.
70) I love to shop for clearance and good deals.
71) I broke my left arm in 6th grade after being tripped by a dumb boy playing basketball.
72) I have never had a regular birth...both C sections.
73) I always swore I would never marry anyone in the military...and now I am married to a Navy Officer
74) I can hardly wait to settle down in Southern California someday.
75) Both of my boys are miracles and were hard to conceive.
76) I would rather spend time with my Gav than do just about anything else.
77) In 11th grade, one of my doctors who could not figure out what was ailing me so badly, told me I could possibly have Leukemia...which ended up not being true. However, I spent 2 weeks of my life thinking I was dying.
78) Gavin and I were in the same ward when I was 3 years old...yep, don't remember.
79) When I grew up I wanted to be a 1) wife, 2) mom and 3) brain surgeon...2 out of 3 isn't bad.
80) I rarely have a clean kitchen when I go to bed
81) Jamba Juice smoothies are the cure-all to hunger.
82) I used to run 10 miles easy, with my friend Andi...now Shirley and I are working on 5 miles.
83) My 2 proudest moments of my life thus far, have been when Christian and Shane were pulled out of me and I looked into Gav's eyes full of tears and gratitude for bearing our children.
84) I hate to sleep by myself when Gav's gone...I usually stay up to all hours watching tv.
85) Speaking of Jamba Juice, some day I want to own a franchise.
86) Growing up, all of us girl cousins had a "gang" name for ourselves, called the "Packard Posse" and my name was "Cleveland".
87) I make up my own "curse" words or substitutes...my father-in-law says I need a dictionary of my own "Shawna-isms".
88) One of my favorite movies is "How to Lose a Guy in 10 days" and not JUST because Matthew McConnough is in it.
89) My husband thinks this is the nuttiest idea...trying to think of 100 random things...I think its intriguing.
90) I will never wake up at 3 am for Black Friday ever again- it didn't work and just made me tired for the day!
91) My favorite holiday is Christmas...its so magical.
92) I have never crashed a car.
93) I have a sweet tooth...which I wish Gav shared.
94) I am in a hurt of trouble if I ever have a little girl...I LOVE little girly clothes.
95) I am willing to try 4 times for a girl...on the 4th son I quit!
96) I cannot fit in my wedding dress...it won't go over my chest- blessing or curse?
97) I have been a bridesmaid 2 times...both times I was prego...with the only 2 pregnancies I've had.
98) I don't care for dogs...in fact, I am a big Wuss around them...they all frighten me.
99) I watch the Game Show Network at least once a day.
100) I am so stubborn...I am so tired but was determined to finish this before I did....
So who's up for the challenge...it is actually quite interesting.

Feb 14, 2008

To love and to be loved...

Valentines Day... perhaps it was Hallmark's way to make more money...but I am grateful for making a big deal about loving people. My Gav was raised by a mother that makes each holiday pretty special...and he learned a few tricks from it all. I awoke this morning to cute cards and treats Gav had put out for the boys. And my loot was on the counter...but there was an explaination needed. He had been up until 3am trying to make my new digital keychain work...all to no avail...so instead he had spent time making a slideshow online with pictures of us two (music and all). This is huge for a man who HATES intricate technology and time consuming projects. Anyhow...I was really impressed. I just feel bad that he missed out on so much sleep for something that took me all of 20 minutes to work. It just makes the gift all that more special!

We also received cute homemade valentines from Christian saying "I love you Mom" and "I love you Dad"...he's so big. And he was so pumped that today was Valentines Day.

Gav and I got to sneak in a movie and a meal together with no kiddos...thanks to my lifesaver and one of the best things here in Corpus, Shirley!....Have you ever found a friend that you know you were always supposed to meet? Yep, that's her. I've met a lot of great people in our travels around America...and I am continually amazed how we are put in people's paths at certain times and are so enriched by strangers that soon become life-long friends. Thanks Shirley!!

Happy Valentines...we love y'all too!!!!

Feb 3, 2008

You know you're a bad parent when....

...there are SO many things I could fill in this blank with...but the most recent flaw was the fact that our little guy, Shane, turned 2 on New Year's Eve and we never posted any record of it. In fact, we actually didn't even buy him a present, per say. We had a family gathering for him in CA while we were there...but that was it. And on his actual birthday, we were saying our goodbyes and flying back to TX...so he kind of got gypped!
The good news he is only 2 and will never know nor care (until he reads this blog in the future= )
It seems he has an internal clock. When he turned 1, it was like that clock went off telling him it was time to walk...and he did. Now that the clock went off for his 2nd birthday, he all of a sudden has become more talkative (or mimicky would be more like it). But its really endearing. I hear Christian calling "Mommy, Mommy" downstairs and right behind him is his little echo "Mama, mama!" and then giggles of delight. Oh...and his little baby-ish "DaDa" has now become just "Dad"...as if he's a grown man! He has also picked up a sensitive side...he gets embarrassed quite easily. And will burry his head until he feels the threat (a laugh or a smile) has gone away.
So...there you go...I haven't forgotten my second born...just delayed his celebration a bit. Its true...the second child doesn't get the fuss the 1st got. Parents get wise after the first. And in the same breath- what would we ever do without our Shaney, our sweet little miracle?!!

Feb 2, 2008

Pure Exhaustion...

This morning we were ecstatic that all the things that were going to bog down our Saturday had been changed, cancelled or just plain avoided. So, we contemplated what to do. Its a lovely 72 degrees, intermittant sun and clouds, a bit windy. The final decision was to go on a family bike-ride...our first since being here in Texas. I lead the way...thinking I'll take them on one of my running routes...because its SO much easier/quicker to ride a bike than run. Half way on the route...already complaints and tiredness beginning. So Gav introduces the idea that we need to re-route and go to the new McDonalds down the road we passed a while back....so we backtracked and headed to gross greasiness. Its new and clean and has a pretty dope play place. So I get the boys all food and Gav mentions that there is no way we are going to make it back home on bikes with lazy, whiny boys ( and Shane has a little fever)....so I rode the rest of the way home and got the truck to pick up my lazy boys.
We get home...and I make my shopping list and head to a Superbowl crazy market. When I return I find my boys like this:

Wow, I really did wear them out...what a bunch of weenies~ can't hack a girl bike ride!! But they all looked so cute, I just couldn't bring myself to wake them to help with the groceries...