Feb 27, 2008

So what's new?!

I love when people start a phone conversation like that...especially since I don't usually have a life-altering answer...usually the same old thing. Having said that...I thought I'd throw some non-eventful pics of our recent same old.

The only real new thing in our life...is that Christian started baseball. After much deliberation between Gav and I, we decided to play him up to the level above his age group. Baseball seems to be his strongest sport....and we thought he'd do well playing with a bit older boys that will challenge his skills. And he's pretty pumped to be playing on the Boston Red Sox...only because they are current champs...any other day he would say Yankees or Padres.

A little boys heaven, back of Daddy's truck FULL of rocks

Shane's version of dress-up

Thawing out on the warm concrete after Gav LET them
help him "water" the fertilized grass...hmmm!


Taryn said...

your boys are so cute, Cooper likes to wear daddys boots too, and flight cap.

Cheryl said...

Shane, you are a naturally funny boy. Christian have a great time playing baseball. I loved it when your Uncles, Joshua, Jake, and Joseph played baseball. It was fun for me as a mother to be there with them. WISH I could be there to watch you, Christian. Have a great season. What positions do you play and where do you usually hit the ball, which field?

Grammie Staley

Amber Bright said...

Hey! I heard you might be running beach to bay--Josh & I were trying to get a team together--so if you aren't concerned with being on the 'winning' team & you don't have a team already--let me know. We are looking for three more people--still have a couple of months though. :)

Shandra and Christian said...

We are a little too excited about this coming May and I am even more excited now that I know that you guys are going to be there. Can't wait to see you folks!