Sep 30, 2007

Missing you!

After being together for over 9 years (8+ of marriage) is amazing to me how much I still miss Gav when he has to leave for more than his regular daily schedule. Some may find it cheesy or syrupy...but I love how distance still makes my heart grow fonder and yearn for his return. I was told that over time I would become less attached and more excited to have my own time when he would be away. It seems my older "wiser" friends were WRONG! I only miss him more and feel more incomplete. I guess it just stinks when your best friend leaves for 10 days...but its great that my best friend and best pal is my hubby! Love you GLOVE!!!

Sep 22, 2007

SOCCER Saturday!!

Soccer Season is here...which means Saturdays are planned around our little "Pele". Christian has improved by huge leaps from last year's defensive performance. In fact, quite the opposite, we had to pull him back and tell him to ease up on the poor little team he was pummelling kick after kick. As parents, we are so proud that he's having fun and doing so well. But after more than 10 goals we had to quiet his reign of terror. The other team was desperately huddled in their goal holding on for dear-life trying to block anything that would come their way. And its also so fun to have familiar faces on his team...a bunch of kids from Primary! It should be a fun season.

Sep 19, 2007

Mouth of Bunchkins...

Christian: "Remember when Mom,....Oh, it was just like it was yesterday!" (ironic because he doesn't remember much of yesterday...they remember the darndest things)

Shane: " i dunno nooooo!" this is his new phrase...which i am sure he picked up from my answers to our 6 y.o. persistent questions

Christian: "Mom, what happens if someone MAKES me do something and I get my card flipped at school? Do I still get my point?" ...our next FHE lesson is on freedom of choice!

Mom: "Shane, who loves you?"
Shane: " da PAPA, sheeshush (Jesus)"....and my heart melts.

( After downloading this 3 times and it still being'll get the gist of it!)

And by popular is proof that Gav and I actually did build a little deck for our pool.

Sep 16, 2007

Caged Animals

Now that the summer heat seems to be easing up slightly ( and I use the term VERY loosely)...our caged animals are becoming less hostile. Wow, that was a long summer of endless humidity. I often felt like Monica on Friends...when they were in the Caribbean and her hair perpetually got bigger and bigger. Everyone here says you become accustom to the humidity...but I just don't see it ever happening. And thus, do not ever plan to make Texas my permanent home. Growing up in San Diego has pre-disposed us to being big wimps with weather. You should have seen us trying to get ready for a possible hurricane evacuation. It was like a bunch of 1st time parents getting to the hospital while in labor. Oh, the drama!!
Anyhow...this week was busy but nothing too exciting. We have got our weekly routines and obligations...and its pretty nice to be settled. I do, however, find myself thinking this is a temporary situation. Then I think about our venture in NY and how it felt so permanent and so at home with tons of great friends. And, in reality, Texas is going to be quite a stint of time. I suppose we will get to that spot. Somehow, being in a place rich with military families makes it seem a bit temporary/transient with people constantly leaving, just as you become close!
One more reason I am loving this blogging thing--we get to hear from so many of our long lost ones....although people don't post enough comments! So, post away we love to hear from YA'LL!!!

Sep 8, 2007

The Other Coast

We grew up on the West Coast, spent some time on the East Coast and now we are experiencing 'the other coast.' As long as we aren't land-locked I think we can survive. Who would have known that Texas has beaches and sometimes even real surf ! It is definitely different than the real coasts though. The water is way warm (currently in the mid-eighties) and as you can see in the picture, you can park wherever you want ! It is kind of chaotic to have cars parked and driving wherever and doesn't seem the most environmentally friendly thing but it definitely has its advantages- beats hauling all your junk a half a mile across the sand and if your kid falls asleep on the way to the beach you can just roll down the windows and let them snooze away because your car is right there next to you ! We love family beach days and this will be a great place for the little guys to learn to surf !

Sep 6, 2007

Time and Money Hogs...

Christian's 1st Day
Our finished product & favorite relief
Almost 2 weeks done with school now, and its amazing the all-encompassing effect of school. It rules our lives. But so far, so good. Christian likes to gloat on not ever having his "card turned"...I guess the equivalant of no warnings. Which, as a mom, I am grateful for...but its funny what he prides himself on!
Anyhow, and our pool. That was quite the project. I will have to get out there and get some pics of our beautiful deck Gav and I built with blood, sweat and tears. It was our happy compromise to an expensive in-ground pool. How nice would it have ben to pay someone to build it all?!! It was pretty cool to see my doctor out there trying to be Mr. handyman. It looks awesome and is super props to Gav!! It is really astounding how much more pleasant Texas heat is when you have an outlet for relief. The pool makes it fun and comfortable to be outside in the heat. Shane has really taken to swimming. He has NO fear (good and bad, huh?!) and loves to kick and paddle. Christian also LOVES the water, but didn't discover his love until later, ~4 years old. Shane is already leaps ahead. He might be our little pro-surfer, afterall! I don't think Gav would mind that at all.

Sep 4, 2007

Friends, Family and Journaling...

All the many reasons I decided to jump into this blogging business. 8+ years ago when Gavin and I were married, I never imagined we would be living in Texas. Nor would I have thought we would have made New York and Florida our "home" away from real home--sweet home San Diego. But, since this is our current lot in life, to travel around the US in pursuit of a career with benefits that seem only a dream, I also seen the necessity of keeping in touch with people, family and friends, who enrich and bless our lives but seem so far away for now.

So, here continues our adventure...
I believe our momentous occassions have ceased for a while. We finished in Florida, Gavin got his "wings", we moved with 2 children to Corpus Christi, TX at the beginning of June. We ENDURED the hot, nasty summer here in tropical, but not-so-paradisical TX. Most recently, our summer ended as Christian began 1st Grade at his new school. And although I don't really enjoy waking up early and being the homework-enforcer...I am thoroughly enjoying my one-on-one time with Shane. Especially because he's not old enough to not want to go on errands ( shopping!!). Now, I fear I might be a little on the bored side. With the house unpacked and pretty much "done"...and our pool projects are done. Time to make up some new ones (like BLOGGING!!)

Ok- so I think that's my first post.

"Life is to be fortified by many friendships. To love, and to be loved, is the greatest of existence."~Sydney Smith