Sep 16, 2007

Caged Animals

Now that the summer heat seems to be easing up slightly ( and I use the term VERY loosely)...our caged animals are becoming less hostile. Wow, that was a long summer of endless humidity. I often felt like Monica on Friends...when they were in the Caribbean and her hair perpetually got bigger and bigger. Everyone here says you become accustom to the humidity...but I just don't see it ever happening. And thus, do not ever plan to make Texas my permanent home. Growing up in San Diego has pre-disposed us to being big wimps with weather. You should have seen us trying to get ready for a possible hurricane evacuation. It was like a bunch of 1st time parents getting to the hospital while in labor. Oh, the drama!!
Anyhow...this week was busy but nothing too exciting. We have got our weekly routines and obligations...and its pretty nice to be settled. I do, however, find myself thinking this is a temporary situation. Then I think about our venture in NY and how it felt so permanent and so at home with tons of great friends. And, in reality, Texas is going to be quite a stint of time. I suppose we will get to that spot. Somehow, being in a place rich with military families makes it seem a bit temporary/transient with people constantly leaving, just as you become close!
One more reason I am loving this blogging thing--we get to hear from so many of our long lost ones....although people don't post enough comments! So, post away we love to hear from YA'LL!!!


Dave, Loralee, Emma, & Bree said...

k-I'm commenting!!! HEE! Your boys are soooo cute-I just want to kiss on Shane's cheeks! I understand about the whole caged thing...just flipped around...not looking forward to 8 months of winter!We've been pretty lucky with our summer here so far and I don't want it to end! And yes, we are insane to be remodeling-good thing our kitchen is all of 90 sq ft-the hardest part is just having the space to move around while working! The bathroom is next...dum-da-dum-dum-DUMMMMM.
MISS YOU! (ps-where you gonna be for Christmas? we'll be in CALI!!) Oh ya, and I haven't gone on that cousin thing yet, but I'll check it out after I spend 4 more hours obsessing over other people's blogs...:) and I wonder why I don't get anything accomplished?

Cheryl said...

How do you get those great poses from your children? Wow, I was impressed at your hard work in your yard. The hot weather can make you do crazy things..


Anonymous said...

Okay you definitely top out w/ the great musical background that accompanies our journey through your blog site....can we put in requests???

cathy said...

shawna....i finally found all of you cousins!! it is sooooo good to see you and your ADORABLE boys! i miss seeing you at the reunions. let us know when you come see denise and we can get together and catch up. it is good to see you are doin good, and i cannot say enough how cute your boys are!! oh, i am in with denise on the music thingie, it is fun to have on your blog. i love seein denise every now and then, she is a sweetie just like you. take care! love and hugs, cathy

JOY said...

I love your blog. The pictures are so great. I need to start one now that we have moved to Phoenix away from our hometown SD. I miss it a lot and we have only been gone 2 weeks. But thanks to Denise we found a great little house in North Phoenix. We are so excited to move in in 2 weeks. Ashton has been feeling caged as well. He goes to the front door and tries to get out and is sad when he can't get it open because it is locked. Luckily is is under 100 now so the outdoors is much more doable.

Jen I said...

Oh my gosh, yes - Monica on that Friends episode!!!! That is going to be my life in FL! Thanks for reminding me. I'll have to find it and watch it to console myself! I'm going to die.