Sep 19, 2007

Mouth of Bunchkins...

Christian: "Remember when Mom,....Oh, it was just like it was yesterday!" (ironic because he doesn't remember much of yesterday...they remember the darndest things)

Shane: " i dunno nooooo!" this is his new phrase...which i am sure he picked up from my answers to our 6 y.o. persistent questions

Christian: "Mom, what happens if someone MAKES me do something and I get my card flipped at school? Do I still get my point?" ...our next FHE lesson is on freedom of choice!

Mom: "Shane, who loves you?"
Shane: " da PAPA, sheeshush (Jesus)"....and my heart melts.

( After downloading this 3 times and it still being'll get the gist of it!)

And by popular is proof that Gav and I actually did build a little deck for our pool.


Anonymous said...

Shaners gets cuter and cuter every day!

Cheryl said...

Loved that brief glimpse of FHE. The deck, wow, you do some great things together as a couple and family.

Christian, don't let anyone get your card flipped over. They just want you to be like them, in trouble. That is not very cool.

Grammie Staley

Cheryl said...

Shane and Logan have a similar language going, Shessas (Jesus) is just what Logan told me over and over at sacrament meeting while we were trying to be reverent and looking through a book I made with pictures of Jesus in them. Logan told me when Jesus was being put in the tomb that he was going night-night.
Ah, a child's mind is so simple and truthful.

Grammie Staley

Ann C. said...

Oh, my! Your construction skills - I am impressed!

lacey said...

My heart melts too! :)

Love you deck. Can you help us put in a whole pool and then build a deck too?

So, been thinking about you. Ryan got a call from someone in AF charge that said he needed to get a "unrestricted" license. He has a Kentucky license. He called and asked why and the lady told him "just in case World War 3 happens or something we can pull you out or residency and use you." AGHHHH. What!?* So, I hope we are not on the verge of WW3.
I hope this is protocol? Please let us finish residency AF!

Michael said...

Okay, okay I see a deck...but Christian and Shane need to bother their pops for a treehouse in that huge backyard. Packing for Italy in this neck of the woods--got one word for you, Gelato..mmmmm.
See ya.

Cory & Cari Williams said...

Hey Shawna! I was cruising through Ryan and Laceys Blog and came across yours. What a good looking family you have. Cari and I live in Arizona, and have # 4 on the way. Anyways, just thought I'd say hi. Check out our blog if you'd like. I've been listening to your playlist at work. Thanks for the good music!

Cory Williams

Cory & Cari Williams said...

Sorry, here is our blog site..

cathy said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the video! i wish my boys were still little! he is sooo darn yummy and chubby! the pool and deck look fabulous right about NOW!! it is so hot still here in az!