Sep 22, 2007

SOCCER Saturday!!

Soccer Season is here...which means Saturdays are planned around our little "Pele". Christian has improved by huge leaps from last year's defensive performance. In fact, quite the opposite, we had to pull him back and tell him to ease up on the poor little team he was pummelling kick after kick. As parents, we are so proud that he's having fun and doing so well. But after more than 10 goals we had to quiet his reign of terror. The other team was desperately huddled in their goal holding on for dear-life trying to block anything that would come their way. And its also so fun to have familiar faces on his team...a bunch of kids from Primary! It should be a fun season.


cathy said...

shawna, that is so cool! my boys are in football, so my saturdays are a blur for the next couple of months. boys are so fun!!!

cathy said...

oh, i LOVE the additions to the playlist! i just come and reread the comments just so i can listen to your groovin music!

Cheryl said...

Christian, your team will never be the same with you on it. Way, to go. My brother Mark, your Uncle Mark Lundskog won state championship his Senior year in soceer at MHS. You both will have to share soccer stories. Do not forget to shake the others team hands or some kind of good game acknowledgement to be a good sport.
Sportmanship rocks!

Grammie Staley

Dave, Loralee, Emma, & Bree said...

I can't wait for day! I was always so jealous of the other families who got to sit in lawn chairs and bring snacks and watch games in the beautiful sunshine on saturdays! I know, I'm a dork!