Sep 30, 2007

Missing you!

After being together for over 9 years (8+ of marriage) is amazing to me how much I still miss Gav when he has to leave for more than his regular daily schedule. Some may find it cheesy or syrupy...but I love how distance still makes my heart grow fonder and yearn for his return. I was told that over time I would become less attached and more excited to have my own time when he would be away. It seems my older "wiser" friends were WRONG! I only miss him more and feel more incomplete. I guess it just stinks when your best friend leaves for 10 days...but its great that my best friend and best pal is my hubby! Love you GLOVE!!!


Gavin and Shawna McEwan said...

I wish that I was on a beautiful beach like that picture shows ! Las Cruces New Mexico is a little less exciting. I need to figure out how to do this blogging thing so I can post some pics of you...I don't think there are any on our blog. 1 day down and 8-9 to go. Can't wait to be back home with you. XOXOXO

Cheryl said...

Thank goodness that Gavin being gone is only temporary. Makes you appreciate your sweetheart much more from Gavin and Shawna's side. Just think of the soilders who never come home to their families; that is really hard when they die in their service to our country. This ties in to divorced and widowed people, their lives change dractically. Life is hard for many people, we have a blest life, even with all of its challenges.

Your older friends Shawna may have been wrong for this particular area, because you and Gavin have a special relationship that you have nourished. Some older people still have wisdom in other areas that we can gleen from, even though times have changed. The older generation have wisdom that they have earned from living life already and can help us avoid the pitfalls of life if we listen.