Jan 31, 2009

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly....


Yummy Mexican Food and good company

Bad...Really Cold on the RiverWalk Tour (but good times!)


...the real reason we're going crazy here in San Antonio...lots of shots, doctors visits, anxious news...and we're only half done!!

I will be really sad when my cute SIL leaves tomorrow...we've had such a great time. She has been a sport coming to the hospital EARLY in the morning to check out how this whole thing works.


Jan 23, 2009


Who likes 'em? Not me. I wouldn't say I am afraid of them...just don't particularly care for them. Today, however, I gave myself my 1st shot. I was so nervous, thinking it was going to kill to puncture my stomach with this super sharp needle. Actually, surprisingly, the puncture was barely noticable...the only part that was slightly uncomfortable was the pressure put by pushing the fluid from the syringe into the skin. But, I better get used to it...its going to be twice a day for who knows how long (likely a few weeks)and then more shots after these are done. Uggg...The measures we have to go to in order to have a baby!!

Jan 21, 2009

Shane's Belated 3rd Birthday Pics...

Good: The birthday celebration is not late...it actually happened on his actual birthday, December 31st....

Bad: That means I am 3 weeks late getting these pics up....I wanted to do a cute post with it...and in the end forgot and am now just going for getting them up for posterities sake!

We did have a blast on his birthday. It was an odd-ish birthday...not the normal, at home, open presents at home, with a cake at home and even sleep at a home...we were in hotels in San Antonio on an adventure with Gammy and Papa. Shane did say that it was his best birthday EVER...which sadly is true. His 1st birthday our friends that were going to come party with us and lots of food I had made...ended up with sick kiddos....then his 2nd birthday we spent on an airplane coming back to TX because Gav had to be back for work. So #3 was actually pretty magical for him. He loved Schlitterbahn's holiday celebration. It was very festive...and perfect for his age and abilities. One of his only requests for his birthday was that he have fireworks...which we were really going to try and accomodate. Considering it was New Year's Eve in a city...we didn't think it would be all that difficult. But, our big 3 year-old , plum tuckered from all the fun....zonked out before midnight hit.

This next year is going to be great for Shaner....lots of new things for a 3 year old, especially one as inquisitive as he... We love you so much little monkey!

Jan 12, 2009

How do you sell a house?

ummmm....never done it before....not sure what the tricks are....painted a little today..going to de-clutter a little tomorrow and the next day and likely the next many days...need to spruce up my yard..the GIGANTIC thing that it is....
Any suggestions that are helpful and not sarcastic or pages long...are acceptable and appreciated. Luckily and unluckily, COrpus is a little different than the rest of the nation...luckily for us trying to sell a house when the rest of the nation is foreclosing...but much of Corpus is still kicking...
Well....here goes our attempt at this crazy housing market....

Jan 8, 2009

A done deal...

Some people will question why,some people might have assumed , some people hoped, others helped pray for divine inspiration, a few will cry, some will cheer, perhaps a chuckle will be heard....but most importantly, it is done. The decision which path the McEwan family will take has been chosen. There are still unknowns in the equation (which was going to be the case, either way). I think this was quite possibly the HARDEST decision of our lives, thus far. When I considered marrying Gavin...piece of cake ...who wouldn't fall for him. I received almost immediate confirmation of the correct choice. When we had to decide between Chicago and NY for med school...it was hard...but it was a choice of two confirmed acceptances, which was much easier. We knew there was no risk involved. The choice to have children was actually made when I was 7 and just wanted to be a mother...for my whole life....an occasional 2nd choice offer came along...but have never regretted my choice to be a stay at home mom. Many other smaller choices we have made...seem dull in comparison. I can talk for hours about all that went into making this choice...all the pros and cons on both sides...why we flip-flopped decisions almost daily. And in the end...it comes down to faith. Not blind faith...but faith that our Heavenly Father has watched over us in each little and big decision we have made all the years of our lives and most importantly over the 10 years of us being together. We don't know everything for sure...but on this day where our path of history was forever decided...mostly what I feel is blessed to know we are loved, heard and never abandoned. We are so grateful to so many good friends and family who have been essential in this choice...who knew how hard it has been...and gave love and support...and bountiful information. I am stunned at the plethera of knowledge some have in those brains. I am grateful for kind words of encouragement when all seemed lost. Because who would have known we would have been given so much to choose from...truly a blessing (and maybe a curse too=))

I already know Gavin is going to roll his eyes and say this is far too long...but I wanted to make sure I didn't leave anything unsaid...so I will let THIS speak for itself:

Ok...maybe just a few words (first...who can name the beach?) Second...friends in Corpus...I cried this morning to think of leaving here (surprising, I know!)..its a year sooner than we had planned all along. Its as much a surprise to us as it is to you. To our friends in SoCal...we're coming home!! Its amazing to think..and a bit scary too. I guess its that curse of San Diego...once you grow up there...its hard to stay away for too long!

I guess we will never know what would have happened in the civilain match....the deadline for our rank list has passed and we did not turn one in...for obvious reasons. Even though its unfortunate to have had to spend the money and time to interview at all those spots...I chalk it up to one of those necessary evils in life. You couldn't not do it...but in the end, we had to decide against it. It was certainly not a waste, though. Gavin learned a lot. And he learned what an amazing program NMCSD Ophtho really is...after seen what else is out there. We are very thankful!

Jan 4, 2009

Here's the catch...

Blogging is such a great way to keep in touch with long lost friends and for our families to see what we are up to on a regular basis...but unfortunately, its also a way to be "watched" by people we don't know or care to have our information.
So...its that time...time to go private. Like many of our friends, we are having to protect ourselves. BUT...we hope it doesn't interfere with our friends communications.
PLEASE send me your email and I will get you an invite....unlimited access to our crazy adventures.

Jan 2, 2009

Texas Christmas 2008

WOw~ time flies when your mind and body are going a million directions ( and not always together=)) So where have we been...well, mostly here in TX. Gav traveled most of the first several weeks of December...then it was Christmas and his parents were coming so there was lots to do.

Mostly I will post pictures to do the talking because I am still recovering. And to be honest, my brain is so ultimately consumed in the HUGE decision we are trying to make in less than a week, that I feel like everything else is left on the back burner.

Christmas Eve we drove up to San Antonio to pick up Gav's parents. We got home at a reasonable hour to make all the last minute preparations. But, mostly, we had busted our tails to make sure most of it was done prior to the 24th.

Christmas morning was wonderful and very relaxed. Christmas day...was such a blurr of toys and food...I cooked most of the day a HUGE meal including turkey, potatoes, green bean casserole, sweet potato yumminess, cranberry salad, rolls, stuffing, corn, 2 pies(strawberry for Christian and apple for Gav), fudge,banana bread...I think that's it~ And you can guess what we ate for the next 4 days....there was no way anyone was going to let it go to waste.

Much of the days following Christmas we played and ate and visited and went to the beach...pretty much whatever. Until we went to San Antonio on the 30th. Gav and I were able to go to the temple up there. It was our first endowment session together in quite some time. We LOVED it. It was peaceful and wonderful to contemplate things of eternal importance. Thanks Gammie and Papa for making it possible by watching the crazies in the hotel room=))!