Jan 2, 2009

Texas Christmas 2008

WOw~ time flies when your mind and body are going a million directions ( and not always together=)) So where have we been...well, mostly here in TX. Gav traveled most of the first several weeks of December...then it was Christmas and his parents were coming so there was lots to do.

Mostly I will post pictures to do the talking because I am still recovering. And to be honest, my brain is so ultimately consumed in the HUGE decision we are trying to make in less than a week, that I feel like everything else is left on the back burner.

Christmas Eve we drove up to San Antonio to pick up Gav's parents. We got home at a reasonable hour to make all the last minute preparations. But, mostly, we had busted our tails to make sure most of it was done prior to the 24th.

Christmas morning was wonderful and very relaxed. Christmas day...was such a blurr of toys and food...I cooked most of the day a HUGE meal including turkey, potatoes, green bean casserole, sweet potato yumminess, cranberry salad, rolls, stuffing, corn, 2 pies(strawberry for Christian and apple for Gav), fudge,banana bread...I think that's it~ And you can guess what we ate for the next 4 days....there was no way anyone was going to let it go to waste.

Much of the days following Christmas we played and ate and visited and went to the beach...pretty much whatever. Until we went to San Antonio on the 30th. Gav and I were able to go to the temple up there. It was our first endowment session together in quite some time. We LOVED it. It was peaceful and wonderful to contemplate things of eternal importance. Thanks Gammie and Papa for making it possible by watching the crazies in the hotel room=))!

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Adam and Jess said...

I can't believe how much food you made on Christmas day. Sounds crazy if you ask me. So you only have this last week to decide what you are doing? That would be nerve wracking. Hope all goes well.