Jul 4, 2010

Half Moon Bay...and the adventure

The whole fam at MavericksThe boys at Venice Beach
Me and my cuties at Mavericks
Watch out for the "deadly waves at any time"

The beautiful northern coast of CA
Next to the historical Distillary...classic NoCal green coastline!

One day after Gavin finished classes at Stanford...we decided we wanted to take the kids up to see the Golden Gate Bridge. We get off on our way and see the turn-off for Half Moon Bay...we pull out the map and see we can get to our destination coastally so we turn off . We make it to Half Moon Bay. Its pretty...but where's the beach! We searched. We found a little spot called Venice Beach. Then it dawns on Gav that a big surf spot called Mavericks is up this way. We ask several locals where it is exactly...got a few different instructions...took a few wrong turns...hiked up a wrong hill...then finally found the trail to Mavericks...around the Bay. It was a little hike to get around the point...and there it was. Well, at least the rocks were. The waves were not there at the time. But from some of the local stories...its a good thing. If the real Mavericks waves were breaking...we would have been washed away. It truly is a beautiful spot!

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