Mar 29, 2008

Here we are a week past Easter and I am finally posting about our festivities. I took part of the week to recoop from cooking, cleaning and preparing. And the rest of the week to do the things I neglected the week prior. Right now, it seems a bunch of my life is also centered around baseball games and practices and get the point.

So Easter was fabulous...thanks to our friends here in Corpus. We were filled spiritually by all the wonderful talks and lessons at church. Then we came home to a backyard visited by the Easter Bunny....Christian must have behaved at church because he knew the Easter bunny doesn't come to irreverent children. Then...we had 3 families over for an Easter egg hunt and Easter dinner. It was quite a crowd...but I like it that way. And each of the families have really become our family away from family. Shane had his buddies Cooper and Sophie. And Christian had his favorite babysitters, Kurt and Sally, and his buddies Lucy and Ben.

However, after doing 2 Easters in a row...I call dibbs to NOT host Easter next year!!


Cheryl said...

Very cute pictures. I wish Grammie and Grandpa Staley could have been there for Easter. The egg hunt looked fun.

I like Shane's haircut. Christian you must be doing very good, excellent for the Easter bunny to come to see you and leave such a great gift. :0)
We love you. I like to see happy families... enjoying life.

Taryn said...

We had the best time ever! Thanks for inviting us, and you guys look great in your easter outfits!

Lamont and Melissa Larsen said...

Cute pictures! Sounds like a fun Easter. Have fun with Denise now!!!

Cheryl said...

Almost the big 3 0. NEXT
Have a great time with Gavin and Shawna and the boys....:)