Jan 14, 2013

Boys first Surf Competition

In September, we signed the kids up for a surf competition here locally. The gulf provided a sweet surprise when we got there that morning...the waves were great...seriously one the best days we have seen here. The boys were nervous...but kind of stoked. Shane went first...and rocked it, with a little of Gav's help (a parent in the water was required for his age group). He ended up getting 1st place in his division. Christian's first heat went well...he placed high enough to progress to the next round. Christian ended up doing well, even though he was in a older age group...placing 3rd overall. They are both super stoked for next years competition, setting their sights on ripping up this gulf coast surf! They know this is a good place to start before we get back to SoCal surf where the competition might be a little more fierce.
Gav was in heaven with his surfer boys...and also couldn't wait for the competition to end so he could have a little piece of the decent waves!

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Liz said...

Wow! I didn't know the waves here ever got big enough for surf competitions!! Great pictures!! Tell the boys to enjoy that warm, pretty water while they're here! The pacific is just a tad chillier . . .