Jan 14, 2013

Republican in the democratic process

2012 was an election year. And I think one our children will not forget any time soon. We were very pumped about the Republican candidate, Mitt Romney. He would have been so good for our country and the economy. And, we voted. The nation voted. Unfortunately, Mitt was not given the opportunity to help our country. It is pretty disappointing. But, at least we used our right to vote, we gave it our all....we supported in all the ways we could. And now...its in God's hands. Hopefully, the next 4 years are not a complete disaster.
We went to two Romney rallies here in Pensacola...one with John McCain and one with Mitt Romney himself. I think they were wonderful experiences for the kids to see how this all works and how the politicians in our country effect our lives and our families. Perhaps it inspired them with future aspirations =)

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Debbie said...

How neat that you not only went to a rally, but that you took your kids. You guys are such good parents. :) And ya... sucks for our country for the next 4 years. ACK!