Jan 8, 2010

Dear Santa...

It was a very merry Christmas here in San Diego. The weather was lovely and we didn't have to travel to be with our family for Christmas. We've spent many a Christmas time running to get on planes and travelling across the country to be in San Diego for Christmas. Yet another blessing of living at "home"...we could wake up and travel a whole 30 minutes to be with our family.
It was such a great Christmas to have an older kid, a middle kid and a newborn. It really did make the celebration complete. Joel woke up with the gift-hungry boys...but didn't make it long until he was too tired and fell asleep again. And it warmed my heart to see Christian maturing...as he was more interested in watching and enjoying what other were getting than worrying about what else he could open and play with. Shane, on the other hand, was more than happy to "help" Joel open his presents...and would have probably done everyone else's as well, if allowed. He's a character.
Christmas morning is also very nostalgic for me (and maybe Gav too=))...its when Gav proposed to me...in my stocking. I love that memory...despite the fact I was in my PJs with wet hair on my head. The gift that keeps giving=)

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