Oct 28, 2007

He's all grown up...


The baby of his family, now a daddy to 2 mini-Gavs. I honestly do not know any children who love their "DaDA!" more than ours love Gav. I could not ask for a better father or husband or best friend! I thought as a tribute I would list some of my favorites about him...(especially since he declined his chance at the tag): My Favorite Gav Quirk: Pacing the floor when he talks on the phone
My favorite Gav physical feature: his EYES
My favorite Gav nickname: G-LOVE
My favorite Gav saying: "...but the surf's actually happening and I haven't surfed in a whole month!"
My favorite Gav personality features: his lovability and his charm
My favorite Gav meals: WAFFLES...and frozen lasagnas when he breaks the oven ('member that!!!)
My favorite Gav moment: Within the first few years of our marriage, Gav's birthday came up and he LOVEs to uncover my surprises. So with his mom's help, I had arranged a nice weekend get-away. But was able to let Gav trick himself into thinking it was a surprise party for him... So our trip home from La Jolla that night...the whole way he sang "PARTaY, Surprise PARTay..FOR ME!!!" And was so pleased with himself for discovering the surprise....jokes on you SUCKA!!
My favorite Daddy Gav moment: When Gav takes the boys into the culd-e-sac and plays baseball with Christian...with Shane either hot on his heels or already on his hip!
My favorite husband Gav moments: grabbing my hand for no good reason and intertwining with mine.... and our trips to Puerto Rico and Palm Springs.

I thank my Father in Heaven DAILY for sending you to me and cannot express how overwhelmed I am by your love. I know I am going to spend eternity trying to be your equal!!! Love-Shawn


Kristi & Lance Rondo said...

you two are so so cute! i cannot get over it:) happy birthday gavin:)

Jim and Debbie said...

Shawn, that's was super sweet. I'm nearly crying! (Or maybe that's due to the overstress I'm feeling right now at not being able to get a fussy baby to settle). :) Take your pick. :) Anyway, happy birthday, Gav!

Cheryl said...

Gavin and Shawna, you are both awesome. I love watching Gavin settle down the boys in ways that only he can do. It is good to see that you appreciate and love each other, what more could a mother want.