Oct 15, 2007

I'm not getting out of the tub-tub!

Shane was taking a bath and although the water was long gone...he did NOT want to get out. So, instead decided to pose for his first glamour portrait--from his better side!! Don't you just wanna pinch that little bubble bum.
Sometimes his love for the wa-wa (water) is just too much. He loves to run the water in the bath all day long, whether he's in or out. He sees water and screams and runs toward it. He gets to the beach and wants his "bo-bo" (board) and runs straight in the water. Mind you, he is only 22 months and is not yet a full swimmer. But, it doesn't seem to hinder him. He can withstand the waves like the best of them. And in his silly way, also laughs when he gets pulled under the water...and gets right back up and goes in further. As a mom and a lover of the beach/water sports, I am glad he shares our love. But, as a mom, I am also fearful of his lack of fear! He's just a nut!! Thank goodness he's kinda cute, huh?!!


Anonymous said...

That's just wrong! Nice kiddie porn:) I am sure he will LOVE you some day for sharing it with the world!!!

Cheryl said...

Be careful,Shane your parents will blackmail you when you are older.
Run for the border of the tub and get out of there.

Grammie is going to be there soon!

lacey said...

Yes- I could totally pinch him. I can only imagine how fun your family vacations will be when he gets older and water safe. It would be like, "Oh, there goes the whole McEwan family on one longboard"- I bet it will happen! :)