Oct 20, 2007

Corpus Christi's Seaworld...

Grandma Staley came into town...so we decided to try out one of the very few attractions here in Corpus...the Aquarium. I have to say that compared to the Gulfarium in Fort Walton, FL (near P'Cola) this place was a dream. Its a lot newer and nicer. That being said it is also not Seaworld. But the boys really enjoyed themselves. (Thank goodness we didn't pay full price, though!!!)

And our other adventure, while my mom was here, was her hair. For her birthday present, I colored (pretty drastically---blonde to brown) and had her hair cut! She seemed pretty excited about it.For someone who has struggled with her hair for a long time, it was a nice change! So, HAPPY Birthday MOM!!


Cheryl said...

That time with your family was great. This Grandmama (almost like Shane says it) loves being with her grandchildren, (Ed has listened patiently to my non-stop talk about your children and family-he smiles because he feels that same way when he goes to see our other grandchildren)

It is so good to see that you are a happy family. That makes me grateful for the work you do in your home. You have many friends there in Corpus Christie already.

The hair change is wonderful. It was drastic at first, but it is a good change. It will motivate me for other changes. Thanks for everthing.

Ann C. said...

The brown hair looks good on your mom!

aunt ann