Oct 13, 2007

FALL has arrived...

Life here in South Texas is getting better each day...with cooler temps and more pleasant climates. We wanted to go to the beach today...but with both boys getting over bronchitis and ear infections...we will have to wait a few more days. Christian has been a constant bug begging to go surfing...which Gav eats up...if only more time and better waves.

So instead, we vegged, enjoyed just all being home and are LOVING our backyard of fun!! Our backyard has got to be one of the largest in Corpus Christi. I had a guy out to mow the lawn while Gav was away...and he about wet himself when he saw the backyard. And mentioned how he mows for some wealthy guy on the prestigous "Ocean Drive" ( the La Jolla of Corpus) and that his mansion could fit in our backyard. Super for resale...not so good when it needs a mowing. But it all pays off when you hear the boys yell "this is so much fun!" and we're in our own backyard.

oH- And we had Saturday soccer, of course!! Christian was sucking air pretty badly- from being sick! But still managed to score twice and block a few goals. This team gave us a bit more run for our money. I love this age of skills. Their little quirks are so cute....like the mile long wind-up for a kick-in!

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Kristi & Lance Rondo said...

Shawna how fun to have a house! I'm so jealous, not too jealous about the whole Texas thing, but if it meant having a house... You're family is so adorable!