Oct 10, 2007

While Gav was gone....

The past 10+ days seemed like an eternity...I felt like I was living life in slow motion. Well, kind of! We were super busy but just couldn't make that clock go any quicker! But its over and we are so glad to have our daddy home, safe and mostly sound.

Gav was able to jump on an earlier plane yesterday and got home around dinner time. We were SO giddy with anticipation for his reaction to what we did while he was away:

CUT the boys' hair

cut MY hair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PAinted my FRONT door BLACK!!!!

So, obviously the biggest change was my hair. I have had the same long hair my whole life. In fact, I don't know that I have ever had my hair this short. But I LOVE it. And now the verdict is in.... GAV LOVES it!! Its not too short and its super sassy...and its a change!! He said its like being with another woman...but better!! (and less trouble). My friend hairdresser was so great...she really listened to all my concerns and desires. And ultimately fulfilled my hopes above and beyond. So to all ya'll out there that want a change but can't go on a shopping spree or get surgery or even lose the weight you want....this was my perfect fix!!! You should try it!!!


Joy said...

I love the new haircut. You are too funny! 10 days is a long time without your man. When Chris went to Singapore a couple years ago and I was like 6 weeks pregnant that was the longest time of my life...especially because I was was working full time and so sick. Sounds like you are doing well.

Jen I said...

Wow - you did get a lot done while he was gone! I love the hair - it looks very healthy! And I like the door too. You guys are too cute and mushy about each other! I'll have to have the hubby read it to pick up some ideas!

Kristi & Lance Rondo said...

Way cute Shawna! I love it... oh and the boys are cute too:) Your family is so adorable! I'm glad that you have your honey back. We've only been married 2 years, but i am totally the same way:) i think it's a good thing:) glad to see all is well... Kristi

Dave, Loralee, Emma, & Bree said...

WOOOOWEEE!!!! I'm so excited to see the drastic change! I figured out a couple years ago that since I can't shop or lose 15 lbs in a week nothing in my life will be drastic, so hair it is! That was my brown hair era. But I LOVE your hair-it looks beautiful...and Dave told me the same thing...it felt like he was sleeping with a different woman! We have to keep them on their toes!
love ya-

Bonnie said...

I love your Blog site...it keeps us in touch. You guys are awesome!
Aunt Bonnie